Selectmen’s Minutes 09.25.17

Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes

September 25, 2017

Pledge of Allegiance

Meeting called to order at 5:30PM

Roll Call- John Pfeifle, Chairman; Sonny Harris, Selectman (arrived at 5:34); Jim Bibbo, Selectman; Karen Hambleton, Town Administrator and Marilyn Gordon, Treasurer were in attendance


  1. Town Hall Update: Harry Wright gave an overview on the current status of the Town Hall. He stated that he is very impressed with the overall communication between the main team players and that at their last meeting, there was good communication and problem solving. The engineers and sub-contractors walked around the site and put together a list of what needs to happen to get the building lowered. George Born, the Historic Resource Specialist from LCHIP, was also present. He had positive things to say about the progress and thought LCHIP might support the Town using LCHIP funds for the structural reinforcement of the building. Harry noted that Jim Bruss’s team had performed the selective demo necessary to do the last of the structural research for the structural report. He was appreciative in that they did it with one day’s notice and donated their time to the Town Hall Restoration effort. Harry also informed the Board that next Monday, Trumbull-Nelson will be on site and the work to pull dirt back from the foundation will begin. This is the first step in installing the necessary drainage around the foundation. Also, the Structural Report is expected to be ready by the end of the week for the Board to review. The Board wanted it on the record that they are all in favor of the building being lowered as soon as possible so that weekly meetings can resume in there. It was mentioned that in the past the Town was able to hold elections and other meetings in there. Harry responded that with a full basement, new fire codes apply.

Regular Business:

  1. Autocraft update: Karen handed the Board the memo from the Town’s attorney stating that there are just over $40,000 in legal expenses and fees that are reimbursable under the court order handed down in the Wilcox case. The Board made it very clear that they expect the lawyer to do all he can do to insure that the Town recoups these expenses.
  2. Historical Society Request: The Historical Society will be removing the roof on the Old Post Office and requested that Select Board waive the demo fee the transfer station would normally charge. The Board agreed to waive the fee.
  3. Marshall (Naughton) Property: The Board would like this property to look better. John (Board Chair) suggested the Board walk this property and see what needs to happen to make it look more presentable. He added that volunteers could be recruited to remove some of the big rocks to ease in the mowing. He stated this would at least be a starting point for improving that property.
  4. The Board signed MS-1
  5. The Board signed Intent to Cut Map 2/Lot 45

Pending issues:

  1. The Select Board has requested a meeting with the Select Board of the Town of Warner on October 10th to discuss the town line adjustment and regionalization.
  2. On September 27th, Road Agents and Town Administrators from Sutton, Warner and Bradford will meet to discuss ways in which working together will save money for all three towns.
  3. Jim Bibbo mentioned the Revolving Loan Fund for Bradford. This fund that has never been used and he was wondering if it was something that could be used for the Town Hall. Karen (Town Administrator) is aware of this fund and has had conversations with the auditor about its uses and management.
  4. John (Board chair) read a letter from Claire and Michael James thanking Officer Flanagan for his assistance when their dog was hit by a car.
  5. Henniker Rescue: Karen (Town Administrator) will continue to try and reach someone at Henniker Rescue regarding our 2017 billing. Last year the first bill they submitted was late and incorrect. This delayed final payment until February 2017. The Board wants to make sure they have time to review it before budgets are sent to the Budget Committee.
  6. Propane tank: A new 1,000 gallon propane tank has been delivered by Irving. Initially there was some concern it may not provide enough clearance for fire trucks to access the back parking lot. However it does and it has been installed.

Minutes of September 14, 2017 and September 18, 2017 meetings were reviewed and accepted without changes.

The next Selectmen’s meeting will be held on Monday October 2, 2017 at 5:30 at the Bradford Community Center. There will be no meeting on October 9th due to Columbus Day.

Meeting adjourned at 6:10.

Minutes submitted by Molly Hopkins/Karen Hambleton