Select Board Minutes 02.03.14

February 6, 2014



FEBRUARY 3, 2014


The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Call to Order and Roll Call:

Harry Wright, Chair opened the meeting at 5:30pm with Sonny Harris, John Pfeifle, Marilyn Gordon, Treasurer, Cheryl Behr, Administrator, and Marge Cilley, Secretary.

Awards for Pond Brook Bridge Design:

Categories were for Elementary, MiddleHigh School and College, with cash awards for each level.

Winner Elementary – BenjaminGolubiewsk-WinnerMiddle School – Jacob Dupuis

Honorable Mention – Sarah Golubiewski – Winner-Tie for Best: Owen Dayton & Benjamin Clark. Honorable MentionHigh School – Sarah Clark.

It was stated that hopefully this bridge will be completed by Memorial Day.

The Selectmen signed the Notices to come to Vote.

Erica Gross – re: Location for Town Meeting:

Erica Gross questioned where the actual Town Meeting should be held on March 12th.

The Selectmen advised Town Meeting will be held at the BradfordElementary School and they will work towards making room for everyone. They were adamant that it should be in town.

Lake Massasecum Improvement Association regarding Warrant Article:

Warrant Article:Eighteen To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Five Thousand Four Hundred Dollars ($5,400) to work with the State of NH and treat the milfoil in LakeMassasecum. This will be a non-lapsing appropriation per RSA 32:7,VI to continue until the money is used or December 31, 2019. Selectmen recommend. Budget Committee recommends.

Several members of the Lake Massasecum Improvement Association attended and spoke at tonight’s meeting defending leaving the Ten Thousand Eight hundred ($10,800.00) that was originally requested in the Warrant Article. One lake resident advised they would like the voters to decide which amount is voted in. It was also stated that a diver map the whole lake for a survey.

Comment was that the town would pay $5,400 this year and the Lake Massasecum Improvement Association pay the same amount this year and the following year, the town would pay them the other $5,400.00. It was stated that the Lake is the town’s responsibility. Other comments were that the lake residents monitor the lake all the time, and there are paid pullers of milfoil. It was stated that the last herbicide treatment was done five years ago.

Motion was made by Harry Wright to restore the amount of $10,800.00 into Article Eighteen. There was no Second and No Vote. Article stands as written..

Chris Way re: Town Clock Repair:

Chris Way came before the Selectmen regarding the Town Clock problems, where the rachet gear has slipped, so the strike mechanism has been disabled. Chris advised he does not dare to wind it up until it has been resolved. Selectmen concur to contact Phil D’Avanza, Goffstown, who has repaired the clock previously, to give an estimate and take care of the problem. Chris Way requested being advised when he will be available so he can make arrangements to be there as well.

Rescue Squad:

Discussion regarding comparative costs involved for the Rescue Squad in the Town or joining forces with the Henniker Squad. At this time there has been no proposal presented. Harry Wright, Chair advised he had received two telephone calls, one female who identified herself and one male who did not, stating the Selectmen are trying to torpedo the Rescue Squad in favor of the Town Hall Restoration. John Pfeifle also advised he too had received two hate calls with no identification. Harry Wright advised there is absolutely no connection between the two discussions, the Town Hall Restoration and Rescue Squad, to which all Selectmen concurred.

Also reiterated was that many towns in New Hampshire are regionalizing, creating better services and costs, and this may be a good time to make the change. Creative means to accomplish the best methods were discussed with perhaps a five year rolling commitment with a three year backing out clause for each town. Different methods of having a Fast Squad were discussed. Facts will be procured and discussed with the public.

Regular Business:

A Petition Warrant Article will be inserted in the Warrant with initial wording stating:

“To see if the Town will vote to postpone any major repairs or renovations of the Town Hall for the next three years” This will be Article Ten

Statement was made that Bond issues need to be listed first. This petition will be listed after present Article Nine regarding the replacement of the new roofing for $95,000.

Question of Tax Impact showing on the Warrant, and it was decided it would not be that accurate, so will not be done.

Non-lapsing will be added on articles Nine, Eighteen and Sixteen.

The up coming Bond Hearing at 7:00pm Tuesday evening was mentioned. Tax rate will be acknowledged on the $1.3 million being requested.

The rough draft of the Selectmen’s report for the Town Report will be forwarded to Cheryl Behr.

Intent to Cut for Mr. Butler, Map 4, Lot 33 was reviewed and signed by the Selectmen

Intent to Cut for R. Messer, Map 5, Lot 114 was reviewed and signed by the Selectmen.

Current Use form was reviewed and signed for Chris Payson, Map 5, Lot 48.

A Petition was received by the Selectmen for TDS Telecom to install and maintain two poles on Route 103 inBradford, needs to be signed by the Town Clerk.

The following letter was read into the minutes by Marcia Keller, Chair Planning Board:


Mention was made of the Bond Hearing on Tuesday, February 4, 2014.

Question was asked by George Cilley if under Article seven the sewer and water are/are not included. This will be checked out by Cheryl Behr with Jim Bruss, Bruss Construction.

Fireworks and Fourth of July Celebration will be held on July 5, 2014.

Accounts Payable and Payroll Manifest were reviewed and signed.

Review and Consideration of the January 27, 2014 minutes.

Motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the Minutes from January 27, 2014 as presented.

Motion to adjourn 7:15pm

Respectfully submitted

Marjorie R. Cilley,


Selectmen’s Agenda 2.3.14

February 3, 2014

Selectmen’s Meeting


February 3, 2014


Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call –



1. Awards for Pond Brook Bridge Design

2. Lake Massasecum Improvement Association regarding Warrant Article

3. Chris Way regarding the town clock. Budget impact

Regular Business:

1. Placing tax impact on warrants? Add “non lapsing” on certain warrant articles?

2. Bond Hearing tomorrow evening at 7:00pm

3. Progress on Town Report

4. Intent to cut for Map 4 Lot 33 Old Mountain Road


Pending issues:

1. Who is reserving the date for fireworks? Amount to be spent

2. Transfer Station Contract



Accounts Payable and Payroll Manifest for review and signature

Review and accept Minutes



Select Board Minutes 01.27.14

January 29, 2014



JANUARY 27, 2014


The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Call to Order and Roll Call:

Harry Wright, Chair called the meeting to order at 5:31pm with Sonny Harris, John Pfeifle, Marilyn Gordon, Treasurer, Cheryl Behr, Administrator and Marge Cilley, Secretary present.


Fire and Rescue Departments:

Mark Goldberg, Fire Chief stated that he has found a Fire truck company that would finance a Fire Truck for 2.79% interest. John Pfeifle advised the Budget Committee is not happy with the way Article Eleven is written. The Budget Committee would prefer to wait and spend the money in a traditional manner. Also pointed out that if they do wait then additional equipment will be needed in the future, requiring too much cash too soon. Mark Goldberg advised that most of the Fire Department equipment has been acquired by lease/purchase. The Selectmen have recommended, the Budget Committee did not recommend. The Selectmen unanimously agreed to not re-consider.

Rescue Squad:

Laurie Brown advised volunteers are having trouble making calls.

Tom French, Chief, Henniker Rescue attended the meeting and advised they have been helping Bradford out for about two years, and comes whenever called. They have been staffed 7:00am to 5:00pm daily and night shifts are manned 24/5., as well as having dedicated staff on weekends. Tom advised they are still covering a fair amount of calls for Bradford. They are handling around one thousand calls a year, partly because of going out of town so much. Laurie Brown advised they have an average of 180 calls per year.

Part of recovery for Henniker would be the Insurance from clients, plus a payment of about $70,000.00 to help defray equipment cost. Tom French reiterated this is an estimate and would have to be determined by both boards.

The CIP suggests a new ambulance be purchased in 2015 and cost is estimated at $250,000 for turn key equipment per Tom French

It was stated by Laurie Brown that the town of Newbury uses about a third of the town of Bradford’s total EMS calls, and Newbury puts $3,000 annually into the Ambulance Capital Reserve Fund to help defray this cost. It was also stated that when this was originally set up, the cost of an ambulance was around $100,000.00.

John Pfeifle reiterated that the cost is of course an important concern, however, most important is that we have the service for the people.

Fast Squad was also discussed, which means they come first but do not transport.

Much discussion ensued including many what-if’s.

Tom French suggested the Selectmen from each town could come up with a proposal that works both ways, but other towns proposals have been set up as a three year rolling average. First year based on budgets followed by actual operating costs.

Motion was made by John Pfeifle that they do a specific this week, and:

1. Ask Henniker to commit to taking Bradford on if passed at town meeting. Bradford Selectmen will do the math and present at the next Selectmen’s meeting on February 3, 2014 what the estimated cost would be: a) showing the costs as being done today, b) another estimate of what the cost would be by going with Henniker, c) the way we are today plus additional service from the town of Bradford. Also include Fast Squad with and without a vehicle in the equation. Motion was seconded by Sony Harris. Motion carried unanimously.

Tom French, Henniker Rescue was thanked for coming to this meeting tonight.


Eileen Kelly relayed to the Selectmen the wording of Warrant Article Five as voted on by the Town Hall Restoration Committee. John Pfeifle advised he had been in contact with the Town Attorney for the correct wording, as well as discussion with Jim Bruss today discussing what/how the work would progress.

A Bond Hearing is scheduled on February 4, 2014 with another one on February 25, 2014 if warranted.


A Thank You note from the Historical Society to the Highway Department was received and acknowledged.

Lois Kilnapp has reported that the compactor is now emptied every three weeks as opposed as every two weeks.

An assessing contract was reviewed and signed.

The seating plan for Town Meeting was discussed and will be checked into further to accommodate as many voters as possible .

Article Seventeen: To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Sixty Thousand Two Hundred Dollars ($60,200.00) to fund the following Capital Reserve Funds.

4. Highway Department Heavy Equipment – currently listed as $30,000.00

Dick Keller suggested raising this by $10,000.00 additional for a grand total of Article Seventeen at ($70,200.00)

The Budget Committee will have Warrant Articles Five, Fifteen and Seventeen to review on Wednesday, January 29, 2014.

Article Five. The Selectmen will talk with the Town Attorney again regarding wording and clarity on this Article.

Article Fifteen, stands and the Selectmen will support another Article next year for the same amount regarding the Milfoil Treatment in LakeMassasecum.

Article Seventeen:

The Selectmen agreed to leave this Article as written.

HarryWright, Chair suggested a separate Article for Town Buildings to repair the roof of the town hall (Operating Budget) for $95,000 plus $30,000 for a new roof if needed.

This would be Article Number Seven.

Motion was made by John Pfeifle to raise the amount in Article 17, No. 4-Highway Heavy Equipment to $40,000.00. and to leave number 1-Fire Department Heavy Equipment at $100.00. Motion seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

It was stated the Budget Committee will receive the Final Warrant Items for their Wednesday, January 29th meeting.

Generator Grant:

The Selectmen signed and initialed the Generator Grant they approved on December 9, 2013.

Mention was made of the need to repair some things at the town hall, namely:

Furnace, front door lock.

Question was made as to who is reserving the date for the fireworks and how much will be spent. John Pfeifle advised he knows of someone who will take care of this, and have him get in touch with Cheryl.

There is a meeting scheduled tomorrow afternoon with fire, police and emergency management regarding EOC requirements.

Payroll Manifests:

Payroll and Accounts Payable Manifests were reviewed and signed.

Review and Consideration of January 13th , 2014 Minutes:

Motion was made by John Pfeifle to approve the January 13th minutes as presented.

Seconded by Sonny Harris. Harry Wright abstained. Motion carried 2-0

Motion was made by Sonny Harris to approve the January 14th Conference Call as presented. Motion seconded by John Pfeifle. Motion carried unanimously.

Assessing Contracts were signed.

Respectfully submitted-Marjorie R. Cilley, Secretary

Selectmen’s Agenda 1.27.14

January 27, 2014

Selectmen’s Meeting


January 27, 2014


Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call –




1. Fire and Rescue to discuss the budget


Regular Business:

1. Letter from Historic Society re thank you to Hwy.

2. Assessing contract for signature

3. Resigning generator grant contract

4. Need to start work on Solid Waste Contract.

5. Provan and Lorber contract for Naughton testing

6. Bond hearing date – do we need a second date?

7. Repair issues at town hall – furnace, front door lock etc.

8. Where to pay Town Hall renovation bills from – currently no line item in budget

a. Scully Architects

b. Bruss

9. Meeting tomorrow afternoon with fire, police and emergency mgt re EOC requirements.

10. Warrant article (milfoil, c/r for fire and number for bond article) changes and budget changes for town hall

Pending issues:

1. Who is reserving the date for fireworks? Amount to be spent



Accounts Payable and Payroll Manifest for review and signature

Review and accept Minutes



Selectmen will attend an informational meeting 1.23.14

January 23, 2014

Selectmen will attend an informational meeting with Representatives of the Henniker Fire and Rescue Squad at 11:30 am Thursday January 23rd., 2014 in Henniker

No Selectmen’s Meeting 01.20.14

January 20, 2014

Select Board Conference Call Minutes 01.15.14

January 16, 2014



JANUARY 15, 2014


John Pfeifle, Acting Chair, Sonny Harris, Cheryl Behr, Administrator, and Marge Cilley, Secretary met in the Selectmen’s office for a conference call with Harry Wright, Selectman who was out of town at 10:05am.

Warrant Articles:

Discussion ensued regarding upcoming Warrant Articles and included:

Town Hall Restoration Bond amount has been changed from 1.4 million to 1.65 million.

The Warrant Article for $323,000 to repair and rebuild the roads was discussed and agreed upon to remove completely.

Increase Article to repair and shim asphalt roads for $50,000.00 by $35,000 for a total of $85,000. Board concurred.

$8,000.00 BreezyHillBridge – Harry Wright questioned if this is adequate.

Documentation will be complete prior to Town Meeting per John Pfeifle.

$53,000 for Bridge –same

Tanker – same – $150.00 would come out of Capital Reserve this year. (No effect on tax rate this year.)

Fire – same

Community Center – same

Center Meeting House Roadside Grading – Remove completely agreed upon.

$10,800.00 – Herbicide treatment of LakeMassasecum for Milfoil.

John Pfeifle advised Dave Currier came into the Jan. 14, 2014 Selectmen’s meeting who explained this is the same treatment that was done five years ago, on the north end of the lake. John Pfeifle advised about ten people were also at the Selectmen’s meeting with no objection to the treatment. Sonny Harris stated that it was said that the 2-4-D herbicide does not kill any other plants, just the invasive Milfoil, which is not true.

Sonny also suggested talking with Dr. Rice and find out if what the divers have done this year has an effect of gaining ground and also put the netting back up, prior to using herbicides again. Give them a year to see the impact.

Suggestion was to leave the dollar amount in, take out the word herbicide and decide what/how to do it later. All concurred.

CNHRPC – Leave $3,000 as is.

$3,500.00 Meeting House area. Consensus to omit completely.

$95,000.00 – Capital Reserve – Need to resolve.

Same with Ambulance.

Cruiser – Cheryl has the correct wording and will it be put in. This lease arrangement has to be put in the Warrant each year.

.John Pfeifle stated he has been working on numbers and in 2007, the tax rate at $6.19

2013 it was $6.67 and are working very close to being the same this year. Looking out, the amount will be going up. John discussed ways to handle the Town Hall Restoration with Grants, donations etc. A five year spread sheet will be forwarded to Harry.

It was stated that the Budget Committee was against the $323,000 Warrant Article for the repair and rebuild of asphalt roads. Harry Wright concurred. It was stated that the Road Management Cost Base Computer Program should be put to use.

Article Five: To see of the Town will vote to raise and appropriate One Million Four Hundred Thousand Dollars ($1,400,000.00).

The amount of the Article was changed to $1,650,000.00

John Pheifle discussed the following ways to finance:

One Million Dollars in a 30 year note, $175,000.00 in a 10 year note, and raise $$325,000.00 Grant from the State, $150,000.00 Fund Raising over two years.

Harry questioned the LCHIP Grant as part of the reduction.

It was also stated that if another year goes by, materials and interest will go up.

Article Two: The Article for $323,000.00 for repair and rebuild asphalt roads is

No Longer an Article.

Article Six: Is now the Operating Budget, and is left as is:

Articles Three & Four: are Zoning Amendments:

John Pfeifle read Number Four of the Zoning Amendment as approved by the Planning Board in a 6-0 vote.

“P. Restriction on Certain Vehicles in the Residential-Business District. The following restrictions apply to all lots In the Residential-Business district, whose primary use is residential:

1. No commercial vehicle, recreational vehicle, trailer (excluding manufactured housing), truck over 15,000 gross vehicle weight rating, bus, or boat shall be parked or stored outdoors within 50’ from any street right-of-way or property line.

2. The restrictions set forth in paragraph 1 above shall also apply to any other type of vehicle which remains in the same location, without being operated on the public highways, for a period of 60 days or more, irrespective of whether said vehicle constitutes “junk” under this Ordinance.

3. Notwithstanding Article V of this Ordinance, no existing vehicle, trailer or boat shall be deemed to constitute a nonconforming use, or to be otherwise exempt from the restrictions contained in this section. However, any owner may apply for a variance pursuant to the standards contained in RSA 674:33.”

Article Seven: To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of $8,000.00 for BreezyHillRoadBridge. All concur.

Article Eight: Purchase Ford Truck for Highway Dept. for $70,956. Leave as is.

Article Nine: To raise and appropriate the sum of $50,000.00 for repair and shim asphalt roads. The wording will be changed to (work on asphalt roads) and change the dollar amount to $85,000.00.

Article Ten: Bridge design and replacement. Leave as is.

Article Eleven: Lease/purchase of Fire Department tanker truck. Leave as is.

Article Twelve: Fire Department Heavy Equipment Capital Reserve. Leave as is.

Article Thirteen: Repair of Community Center window casings and improve drainage

In the amount of $10,000.00. Discussion ensued regarding the roof. Leave as is.

Article Fourteen: The Boat Launch $5,000.00. Leave as is.

Article Fifteen: Lake Massasecum Milfoil Treatment in the amount of $10,800.00.

Article Sixteen: Planning Board request to engage Central New Hampshire Regional

Planning for assisting in CIP information, in the amount of $3,000.00. Leave as is.

Article Seventeen: Road grading at the Center Meeting House in the amount of $3,500.00. Article deleted.

Article Seventeen: (New Number): To fund $70,000,00 for Capital Reserve Funds.

Comment was this needs to be straightened out pretty quick.

Article Eighteen: Lease of Police Cruiser in the amount of $8,770.00. Leave as is.

Article Nineteen: Bradford Newbury Sutton Youth Sports in the amount of $2,750.00.

Leave as is.

Article Twenty: Solar Energy Systems. Leave as is.

Article Twenty One: Accepting Reports. Leave as is.

Discussion ensued regarding if the town hall is not used for what its’ specifications are then the town is in non-compliance and the town offices using the Community Center are actually visitors there . Also the Boundary problem is still being worked on per Sonny Harris.

Discussion ensued regarding putting money in the budget to have heat, electricity, insurance etc. Also the leaky roof was discussed. Sonny and John were going up today and check it out.

It was noted that Perry Teele will not be available the actual day of the July 4th Celebration but will contribute up to then. John Mock wants a committee to work on this. John Pfeifle volunteered his nephews to help with Fireworks.

Harry Wright hung up from Conference Call at 11:00, meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted

Marjorie R. Cilley


Select Board Minutes 01.13.14

January 14, 2014



JANUARY 13, 2014


The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Call To Order and Roll Call:

John Pfeifle, Acting Chair opened the meeting at 5:30pm with Sonny Harris, Marilyn Gordon, Treasurer, Cheryl Behr, Administrator and Marge Cilley, Secretary present. Harry Wright was absent.

Disposal costs for large Freon items and propane tank:

Selectmen’s decision was unanimous to charge $10.00 for all large appliances containing Freon, and $ 5.00 for all tires at the landfill.

Warrant Articles wording:

Cheryl Behr advised she has made the corrections in the Warrant Article regarding the Police Cruiser which is $8,770.00. This has to be a separate article for lease each year.

The Secretary was not provided with the correct language.

Budget Committee:

John Pfeifle advised the Budget Committee is concerned with the amount of the Warrant Articles for the upcoming Town Meeting and he has been doing some re-arranging of some methods in financing the Town Hall Restoration to get the job done with less impact on the residents. John advised that last year the request was for 1.7 million and this year about $300.000 in additional work has been added for a lesser amount of money, at $1.4, working with Bruss Construction.

This will be discussed and a decision made with a whole board being present.

It was reiterated that the Road Crew has done an exceptional job this year, spending the town’s money well, and improving the roads and doing a good job with both.

A suggestion was made that perhaps it would be beneficial to not be as aggressive as we were this past year and to postpone the $300,000 plus dollars this year for the repair and rebuilding of asphalt roads in town and come up with $150,000 for each of the two following years.

It was also stated that the Selectmen talk with the Road Agent regarding shimming and asphalt for two roads in town, (Sunset Hill Road and Pleasant View Road) at $80,000.

Among other Capital Reserve Funds discussed was to change the $95,000.00 total for the Capital Reserve Fund down to $70,000.00.

Mention was made that Petitions for Warrant Articles are due by the first Tuesday of February.

Cheryl Behr is to contact Harry Wright for a conference call on Wednesday regarding Warrant Articles, which will be posted.

Ann Eldridge, Rural Heritage Connection forwarded via e-mail some questions which Cheryl read into the minutes (e-mail is on file) It was stated that a reply be forwarded to Ann explaining because of inclement weather, there was no Selectmen’s meeting last week, but as soon as they meet, a reply will be forth coming.

The following note was received by the Administrator for a Warrant Article.

Hi Harry & Cheryl:

Yes, I actually have given this quite a bit of thought.

I think that $20,000 might be too small an amount.

I am thinking of a list of items that need to be done for planning over the ensuing year.

Roof-According to Jim Bruss, something needs to be done to the roof. There have been shingles blown off and all over the parking lot, etc. We cleaned some of these up last summer but more have come down. As you know, having the roof in bad condition is going to lead to more problems that could have been avoided.

Engineering services – we talked about having these done so that we would have a definitive answer regarding the septic and well. It would be cost effective to get that settled.

Architect – we need to pay for these services.

There could be other items that we should consider.

What I would like to do is sit down with Jim Bruss and ask what he thinks we might need.

I certainly think that this could be a selectmen’s warrant and it would be appropriate coming from the board. What is the deadline for this article?

Thanks for thinking of this.

Happy New Year-Eileen

John Pfeifle advised he feels as a Selectmen it is his responsibility to see the town hall restored into a functional governmental facility, for two reasons: 1. It is on the Historic Register and 2. We are guests in this room as we speak, here in the Community Center.

I am in favor of fixing up the town hall. If the town chooses not to support to fix it up, is it feasible to fix it up piece meal. Sonny Harris pointed out that if the town hall is not used than the town is in violation of the contract, and it would need to revert back to heirs. Much discussion ensued.


Dave Currier regarding Lake Massasecum Association Warrant Article:

Dave Currier advised the town did approve the herbicide treatment about five years ago on LakeMassasecum.

Dave Currier advised the milfoil eradication on LakeMassasecum is sort of a model for the State. Water level dictates when chemical can be applied, which usually is in September. An alternative to the chemical usage, which is dictated by the water level, is hand pulling with suction harvester. Mats have also been used. Fish and Game as well as DES are involved. It was discussed that the north end of the lake is where the nets were before. Dave Currier will forward E-mails that came from the State to Cheryl to forward to the Selectmen.

Cheryl Behr was requested to put the Warrant Article for the Boat Launch in front of the Milfoil Warrant Article in the amount of $10,800 to treat the lake with herbicide.

Town Hall Restoration Trust Account:

Mel Pfeifle brought in money received from:

1. The Fund Raiser in the amount of $1,100.00

2. Holiday Green Sale in the amount 1,889.00

Motion was made by John Pfeifle to accept the money and deposit it into the Town Hall Restoration Trust Account. Seconded by Sonny Harris. Motion carried 2-0.

John Pfeifle advised Wendy Hall did a fantastic job in wreath making for the occasion.

Marge Cilley reported the following, which was deposited into the Rural Heritage/Cornerstone Account for the purpose of the Town Hall Restoration Project:

Pie Sale – proceeds      $250.00

St. Peter’s Lodge dinner 300.00

Yard Sale/Flea Market 160.15

John Pfeifle advised it was voted for payroll increases to be forthcoming after town Meeting in 2015, commencing April 1. Due to Health Care Costs this year, it was handled on January 1, 2014.

It was reiterated that the town highway crew has done a great job during difficult conditions.

Payroll and Accounts Payable Manifests were reviewed and signed.

Personnel action forms were reviewed and signed.

Motion was made by John Pfeifle to approve the December 20, 2013 minutes as presented.

Sonny Harris seconded. Motion carried 2-0.

Meeting adjourned 6:50pm

Respectfully submitted

Marjorie R. Cilley


Selectmen’s Agenda 1.15.14 telephone conference

January 14, 2014

Selectmen will hold a telephone conference with Chairman Harry Wright to vote on previously discussed warrant articles on January 15th at 10:00 am in the Bradford Area Community Center.


This is a public meeting but because of the phone conference no public input will be allowed.



Selectmen’s Agenda 01.13.14

January 13, 2014

Selectmen’s Meeting


January 13, 2014


Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call –




1. Dave Currier regarding Lake Association Warrant Article.


Regular Business:

1. Disposal costs for large Freon items and propane tank – one rate or varied

2. Personnel action forms for insurance deductions and wage increases

3. Warrant article wording for 2013 cruiser lease. Fiscal funding clause info

4. Other warrant articles?


Pending issues:




Accounts Payable and Payroll Manifest for review and signature

Review and accept Minutes



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