Cemetery Minutes 04.13.17


Members present : Trustees: Jane Lucas ,Carey Rodd and Diane Whalley

The minutes of March 9 were read and accepted by J. Lucas C. Rodd and D. Whalley



Discussion was held regarding the inability of the Bradford Trustees of the Trust Funds to come forth with funds that the Trustees of the Cemeteries are able to use for the particularly expensive tree removal and headstone repair. Diane will discuss this with town officials.

Diane will contact Jim about the signs we need posted at Sunny Plains and Pleasant Hill cemeteries reminding dog walkers to pick up the poop left by their dogs

Carey has volunteered to contact the state Diversion Group for community services to ask for help with cemetery headstone cleaning .

Jane and Diane will refurbish the cleaning kits with needed supplies.

The broken headstones behind the town park apparently was a dumping ground for
unused headstones. Carey is aware of one broken headstone which was replaced in a cemetery in Concord. We will gather the broken pieces to see if that may be the case for others.



The neighbor beside Sunny Plains called the Town Manager about the 2 pine trees on the border of her property and the cemetery. Diane had called Perry Teele and he changed his verdict that the trees were indeed on cemetery land . The town had removed trees along the same border in 2003. The trustees will get an estimate from Silver Bear . Diane will contact the property owner

Jane reported that the Civil War Memorial at Pleasant Hill may be missing some cannon balls that were placed there when the memorial was built in 1906 . Carey volunteered to try to locate them over the nearby bank by the brook.

Draft until approved