Cemetery Minutes 08.10.17

CEMETERY MINUTES                                                     August 10, 2017

Members present : C Rodd, D. Whalley and J. Lord, Custodian
Minutes of July 13 ,2017 were read and accepted by C. Rodd and D. Whalley


Headstone repair estimate from Cornerstones of $3100 is over what is available in the headstone trust. Discussion regarding if there are funds available elsewhere as a warrant was squelched before town meeting in March 2017. Efforts have been made to contact the Trustees of the Bradford Trust Funds to advise the cemetery trustees if there were funds available for the extra expense. It was decided to get advise from the NH Attorney Generals office.

Jim Lord, custodian, is committed to finishing the Pleasant Hill grooming of excessive brush. Also New Pond will be mowed before it gets too shabby.


We briefly reviewed the Rules and Regulations and discussed changes.
We will be discussing adjustments to lot sales to include required cornerstones as part of the initial sale. Perpetual Care may be included as well, as it is a requirement for internment.