Conservation Commission Minutes 04.18.17

Bradford Conservation Commission Meeting
18 April 2017, 7pm at Brown Memorial Library

Present: George Beaton, Seth Benowitz, Nathanial Bruss, J Ann Eldridge, Meg Fearnley, Scott MacLean

Minutes from March 20 meeting reviewed and accepted.

Meg presented the Treasurer’s report. NHACC dues have been paid for this year.

We need some additional print copies of the NRI. Committee approved funds necessary to print 5 copies.

George attended a recent workshop on ‘Conservation Options for Land Owners’. The workshop was organized and led by ASLPT. Among the people presenting were Andy Deegan (ASLPT), Van Webb (Sunapee Conservation Commission Chairperson), and Rebecca Courser (land owner for a very large easement in Warner.

Ann attended the Ausbon Sargent Chairpersons Roundtable. Some items discussed:
– Peter Bloch has been doing easement monitoring by drone.
– ASLPT is working on a resiliency plan in response to climate change.

Several new easements in Bradford are in various stages of development. Progress on these was discussed.

The Warner River VRAP team is looking for volunteers. There will be a training session on Tuesday, May 23 in Warner. Seth will post info about this opportunity on Facebook. George and Scott expressed interest in being part of this team.

Scott reported on activities of the Warner River designation project. The project group made a presentation to NH DES in March. Following acceptance by DES, the process continues with a local public meeting facilitated by DES sometime in the early summer.

At the invitation of the Conservation Commission, Francie Von Mertens will be doing a presentation on pollinators on Thursday May 11, at 7:00 p.m. at the Bradford Community Center. Ann will send info to The Bridge. and Seth will post info on Facebook. As usual, it is free, all are invited, and we will put together some refreshments.

Brooks will be performing gravel pit inspections in the near future.

Respectfully submitted,
Seth Benowitz