Conservation Commission Minutes 09.19.17

Bradford Conservation Commission
September 19, 2017, 7pm at Brown Memorial Library

Present: George Beaton, Seth Benowitz, Nathanial Bruss, J Ann Eldridge, Patty Furness, Scott MacLean.

Secretary’s Report: The draft minutes of 8/15/17 were reviewed and accepted as read.

Warner River: The nomination of the Warner River to the NH River Management and Protection Program was unanimously approved by the River Management Advisory Council. The RMAC, NHDES River Program, and the Rivers Council have joined Trout Unlimited in supporting and advocating for the nomination. The next step is NHDES Commissioner approval, whereby the nomination would be sent to the NH General Court to be voted on by the legislature. Tracie Sales (NH Rivers Program chair) and Senator Dan Feltes (primary sponsor), along with other co-sponsors will submit Bills to the House and Senate for inclusion in the 2018 legislative session. Written support will be sought when the Bill number is known.

Warner River Watershed Study: An overview was held on September 14 at the Bradford Community Center. 12 species of fish were found, and wild brook trout inhabited two-thirds of the watershed sites evaluated. It was concluded that 70% of Bradford culverts will not hold up in a 100 year event; however, Bradford does have many bridges. There will be an active outreach to landowners on preserving and sustaining wild brook habitat in the Warner River Watershed in the coming year. Thanks to Scott, George and Ann who provided assistance with water quality testing, fish counts, and macro invertebrate surveys of streams in the Warner Watershed to NH Fish and Game and the Basil W. Woods chapter of Trout Unlimited. Free stream assessments for landowners will be offered next year to promote stewardship of these habitats by NH Fish and Game and Trout Unlimited.

DES Watershed Management Bureau: Information was sent to Ann for descriptions of water quality – info. will be sent to the Lake Massasecum Improvement Association

NH Association of Conservation Commissions Annual Meeting: This day of education and sharing will take place Saturday November 4 at Pembroke Academy. Seth, George and Scott all expressed interest in attending and will sign up online.

Map 9/Lot 10: There is road fill at this site on East Washington Road that is encroaching on wetlands. George has offered to speak with Barry Wheeler regarding this problem.

Bradford Hazard Mitigation Plan: The current plan will expire at the end of this year. A new plan for Bradford will be initiated and a representative from the BCC was encouraged to participate.

Beaver Deceiver: Owners of two properties on Forest Street and West Road where beaver activity is potentially flooding the road have agreed to consider the installation of the ‘beaver deceiver’ system at these sites. Seth will contact Skip Lisle for a site assessment and project costs. Nathanial suggested requesting referrals from former customers, and longevity estimates of the systems.

Lake Massasecum Landowner Request: BCC was contacted by a Lake landowner regarding lack of notification that a complaint had been filed on possible right of way erosion. It was agreed that the town and/or the BCC should notify landowners in the future of any complaints filed.

East Washington Road, Map 8/Lots 5, 6, 30, 31: The application for a proposed hunting preserve was denied 4-1 by the ZBA, but an appeal to that decision has been sought. The ZBA will meet on Wednesday October 4, and will decide if an appeal will be heard based on whether its prior decision was unlawful or unreasonable.

Class 6 Road Erosion: Members have noticed a marked increase in erosion on some of Bradford’s class 6 public roads due to ATV and jeep abuse. Excessive and inappropriate use during mud season has been a common problem in neighboring towns. It was decided to establish present baseline data of the eroded sites with photos and documentation for future reference.

Route 114 Map 7/Lot 1: Excavation work in progress. Seth has volunteered to request access to intent to cut applications when he is at the town offices to review and inform the BCC members.

Map20/Lot 27: There is a request for a special exception to the ZBA to tear down a non-conforming house and rebuild a non-conforming house with further set back on a lot on East Shore Drive. There will be a public hearing Wednesday October 4 at the Community Center. Concerns verbalized by BCC members included the use of best management practices, runoff mitigation and erosion control during construction, and encouraging use of natural landscaping. These will be presented at the hearing.

Fairgrounds Road: There is noticeable road salt damage to roadside trees in this area. Research to be done.

Bradford Bog Annual Boardwalk Repair: This morning of merriment will take place on Sunday October 15 at 9am. Nathanial will search for 40 planks. Advertising of the event will include Facebook, the Bridge, and Intertown Record. More hands means more fun!

Many Thanks: George and Kim shared their piece of paradise as they hosted a neighborly gathering with Ausbon Sargent to learn of the relevance and value of land preservation in our region. Great friends, great food, great conversation!

Keepin’ us on the Path: Thanks to our Signsmith Seth for the new sign on Knight’s Hill Trail, and for trekking to the top to place it!

With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:40. The next meeting will take place on Tuesday October 17, 2017 at 7pm at Brown Memorial Library.

Respectfully submitted,

Patty Furness, Secretary