Planning Board Minutes 11.14.17






Meeting called to order by, at 7:00PM.

Members Present

Erich Caron, chair; Claire James, Vice Chair; Garrett Bauer; Pam Bruss; Bob Close; Carol Troy; Sonny Harris (Selectmen rep); Doug Troy

Members Absent

Steve Chase, Alternate; Suzanne Simano, Alternate

Review and Consideration of Minutes

Minutes of 10.24.17 were approved with the following changes: Add Map and Lot number to Antique Shop (Map17/Lot62). Property own attend; Property owner attend. Site plan, in the exception; site plan, with the exception.


Lot Line Adjustment Map3/Lot55&56:

Tim Bernier brought in an application along with all the needed checks and documents for a Lot Line Adjustment. He presented the application and is requesting a Lot Line Adjustment with Map3/Lots55&56. He is also requesting three (3) separate modifications of the subdivision regulation requirements: Article 5 section B, items 5, 20 and 21. The Board reviewed application and went over checklist with the applicant and made a motion to accept application as complete, vote 7-0. There was also a motion to waive escrow, vote 7-0. There will be a public hearing on December 12th, 2017 at 7:00pm. Tim is going to email the Board secretary an electronic copy of all the material handed out so that it can be sent to the Department Heads prior to the public hearing.

Antique shop store front Map17/Lot62:

The Board asked the Board Secretary to send a Site Plan Review letter to the owner and to see if he would be able to attend the next planning Board meeting on November 28th.

Compassion Vet and Twigs Signage:

Erich spoke with land owners and feels if there is a complaint that it needs to be submitted in writing to the Selectmen. The Board discussed the complaint process and how to move forward with these complaints. It was decided that the Board secretary will get a hold of the land owners and have them contact the ZBA to request a Special Exception for their signage.

Junk Yard application County Rd and Rowe Mountain Rd- Map9/Lot45:

William C. Heselton has submitted an application for his Junk Yard on County Rd and Rowe Mountain rd. He was approved by the ZBA and is now presenting an application for Site Plan. Robert Carey is representing William C. Heselton and he presented the application along with all the other required documentation. Carey informed the Board that there would be a 6’ chain link fence around the property, also all hazardous material will be handled and contained per DES regulations, there will be no bathrooms (this answered the question from the Board regarding sewage. Mark Goldberg, Bradford Fire Chief, was present at the meeting and had a few questions for the Board and the applicant. Mark expressed his concern regarding the width of the driveway and suggested that the applicant widen the driveway so that in the case of an emergency there could be enough room for two way traffic. Current plan for driveway is 12’ and the Fire Chief is suggesting making it 24’. There was also discussion about making three pull over sections on the driveway so that if two cars were traveling at the same time one could move over to the side and let the other car pass. The Chair reminded the Board that this was not a Public Hearing but to determine if the application is complete and if so they will move forward with a public hearing. The Board continued to review the application and went through the checklist; there was a motion to accept the application as complete, vote 6-0 and 1 abstained. There will be a Public Hearing on December 19th at 7:00pm at the Community Center; there will also be a site walk on December 16th at 10:00am.

Follow up on Autocraft:

There was a motion to send request for site plan review to land owner via certified mail, vote 7-0. The Board Secretary will send this letter and also give a copy to the Selectmen as well as the Building inspector.


Claire passed out copies of the CIP and the Board reviewed each line item. Adjustments were made during the meeting and Claire will send an updated CIP to the Board. The Board reviewed the requests from Library, Transfer Station, Police Department, Community Center, Highway Department and the Fire Department. Claire explained how the CIP works and the benefits of continuing moving forward with this tool.

Other business:

  1. Subdivision question: There was a request for a possible subdivision at 274 East Washington Rd Map9/Lot13. There land owner was not in attendance to explain their request. The Board secretary will follow up with the land owner to get more information on their request.


The next Planning Board meeting is scheduled for November 28, 2017 at 7:00pm at BACC.

Meeting adjourned at 9:07 pm

Minutes submitted by Molly Hopkins.