Planning Board Minutes 9.26.17






Meeting called to order by, at 7:00PM.

Members Present

Erich Caron, chair; Claire James, Vice Chair; Sonny Harris (Selectmen rep); Garrett Bauer; Pam Bruss; Bob Close; Carol Troy

Members Absent

Steve Chase, Alternate Suzanne Simano, Alternate

Review and Consideration of Minutes

Minutes from 9.12.17 were accepted with the following changes: Meeting called to order by ^Erich Caron; Member present Sonny Harrison: Harris; Minutes from 8.22.17 were ^ approved; CIP meeting will be help on October: CIP meeting will be held on September; he received a complaint/inquirer: inquiry; doesn’t feel like once can be written: doesn’t feel like one can be written.


Shooting Range Ordinance:

Jim Bibbo came in front of the Board and presented his draft for a Shooting Range Ordinance for Bradford and informed the Board that the Selectmen have reviewed this and supported it 3-0. This is a draft for an indoor shooting Range. The Board discussed having a range vs. preservation and agreed that the language should say preservation. The Board also discussed sound issues that come with a shooting preservation and Jim explained that would not be a concern if the preservation were indoors. It was also suggested to add in the Ordinance something about private shooting preservations. Erich will work on drafting something up from Jim’s draft and present it back to the Board. Carol Troy suggested that it might be a good idea to have a subcommittee to look into having a sound ordinance in Bradford; this committee will be Carol Troy, Sonny Harris, and Bob Close.


Site Plan Review- Part V&VI:

Claire continued her presentation on Site plan from where she left at last meeting. She presented on Required Exhibits & Data and General Standards. She gave an overview /summary of each section and broke it down for the Board to have a clearer understanding of each section. The Board all agreed that this was very helpful. 

Master Plan:

Claire gave out the results of the Master Plan and went over the Highlights to the Board. The Board did not go over all the comments but will take the handout home and further review. 


The committee received project requests from the PD, Transfer Station, and Fire. Their next meeting is September 13th. The committee is still waiting on a few more projects requests.

To Do Folder:

There was a driveway request in the To Do Folder but there is no place for the Planning Board to sign on the request, so the Board asked the secretary to bring the request to the Selectmen for them to sign off.

The next Planning Board meeting is scheduled for October 10, 2017 at 7:00pm at BACC.

Meeting adjourned at 9:02 pm

Minutes submitted by Molly Hopkins.