Planning Board Minutes 09.12.17






Meeting called to order by, at 7:00PM.

Members Present

Erich Caron, Chair; Claire James, Vice Chair; Sonny Harrison (Selectmen rep); Garrett Bauer; Pam Bruss; Bob Close; Steve Chase, Alternate

Members Absent

Carol Troy ; Suzanne Simano, Alternate

Review and Consideration of Minutes

Minutes from 8.22.17 were


The Dunne family did not show because they were informed to attend the ZBA meeting.

Site Plan Review-Part 1(page.1-5):

Claire broke down the first 5 pages of the Site Plan Review Process explaining the beginning process and definitions she further explained to the Board. There were a few additions the Board asked to be added and Claire will make these changes and sent out to the Board for further review.


Claire informed the Board that all the departments have their applications and the next CIP meeting will be help on October 20th at 6pm and the Police and Highway Department have been scheduled to attend at that time

Master Plan:

Mike Tardiff is scheduled to go in front of the Select Board at their next meeting. Otherwise there is no information to be reported.

Other Business:

  1. Claire informed the Board that she has received a complaint about the curb appeal of the antique shop behind Pizza Chef. The Board informed her that all they can do at this point is give the person making the complaint the Town complaint Form and then it will get presented to the Select Board.
  2. Garrett informed the Board that he received a complaint/inquirer about if the Town has a sound Ordinance. Currently the Town doesn’t have a Sound Ordinance and the Board doesn’t feel like once can be written in time for the next Town meeting, the Board also doesn’t feel a sound Ordinance is needed.


The next Planning Board meeting is scheduled for September 26, 2017 at 7:00pm at BACC.

Meeting adjourned at 8:13 pm

Minutes submitted by Molly Hopkins.