Selectmen’s Minutes 12.04.17

Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes

December 4, 2017

Pledge of Allegiance

Meeting called to order at 5:30 pm

Roll Call- John Pfeifle, Chairman; Sonny Harris, Selectman; Jim Bibbo, Selectman; Karen Hambleton, Town Administrator and Marilyn Gordon, Treasurer were in attendance


  1. Chris Gamache – Rail Trail Project: John Pfeifle, Chair, reiterated the Select Board’s support of the project as a way to improve the town and attract people to Bradford. Chris Gamache, from the NH Bureau of Trails, indicated this project was chosen for funding due to the fact it benefits a wide group of diversified users and provides for safe passage across Lake Todd. He welcomed discussion of any lingering concerns and/or comments. A number of people spoke in favor of the project, with one person voicing concerns.
  2. Deb Loiselle – MtBE Remediation Bureau: Deb discussed the history of MtBE and the negative health effects of it getting into drinking water. She mentioned that the funds resulting from legal actions were put into a collaborative fund dedicated to sampling private wells. Deb suggested that there were some potential properties in Bradford that could be tested. All three selectmen supported making the MtBE testing available to Bradford residents in the sampling area. The process for notifying residents was discussed and could take place in December.

Regular Business:

  1. Cell Tower: Sue McKevitt updated the Board on her attempts to work with the owner of the tower to get cell service on it. Jim updated the Board on his attempts to work through Verizon. John’s position is that the tower should come down; Jim would like to give it a little more time. Sue suggested a stronger letter be sent to the owner of the tower.
  2. Budgets: Skipped but noted there will be a joint Budget Committee/Select Board meeting on Thursday December 7th.
  3. Accept Resignation from Town Clerk/Tax Collector: The Board voted 3-0 to accept Camila Devlin’s resignation letter.
  4. Appoint new Town Clerk/Tax Collector: The Board voted 3-0 in favor of appointing Melissa Cloutier to serve as the new Town Clerk/Tax Collector.
  5. Appoint new Deputy Town Clerk/Tax Collector: The Board voted 3-0 in favor of appointing Amelia Dohrn to serve as the new Deputy Town Clerk/Tax Collector.
  6. Recommit Tax Warrant: The Board recommitted the Tax Warrant.
  7. Sign Delegation of Deposit Authority: The Board signed the Delegation of Deposit Authority
  8. Sign Sanders Searches, LLC contract: The Board signed the Sanders Searches contract.
  9. Sign Bement Bridge Amendment #1: The Board signed the Bement Bridge Amendment #1
  10. Sign Intent to Cut Map 4/Lot 2 and Map 4/Lot 13: The Board signed an Intent to Cut for Map 4/Lot 2 and Map 4/Lot 13
  11. Appoint Hazard Mitigation Committee: The Board signed the appointment form for the Hazard Mitigation Committee
  12. Sign Personnel Action Forms: The Board signed two Personnel Action Forms.

Pending Issues/Other Business: Karen brought the blurb in the Messenger concerning Newbury’s grading of Forest Brook to the Board’s attention. Karen also shared the Permit Modification Application shared by Naughton Recycling Center. This allows Naughton to accept ashes from burned houses and other structures. The Board would like to have the attorney review it.

Minutes of November 27th meeting were reviewed and accepted without change.

The next Selectmen’s meeting will be held on Monday December 11th at 5:30 at the Bradford Area Community Center.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm to Non-Public Session-per RSA 91-A:3IIc

Meeting adjourned at 7:39 pm to Public Session

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm

Minutes submitted by Karen Hambleton