Town Election Results 03.14.17

Below are the results of the Official Ballot for the Town of Bradford.

Only write-ins with 3 or more votes are included on the list below.

View a comprehensive list of write-in candidates HERE


Selectman- for three years

John Pfeifle            135


George Angeli         3

Marlene Freyler       3

Harry Wright            3

Supervisor of the Checklist- for three years

Jaqueline V. Pehrson 174

Trustee of the Trust Funds- for three years

Michael C. James     159

Trustee of Brown Memorial Library- for three years

Connie Scheffy         169

Patty Furness            151

.Annette Leonas        152

Scholarship Committee- for three years

Mary Keegan-Dayton 172

Scholarship Committee- for two years

Kathleen Bigford        122

Randy Thompson        36

Budget Committee- for three years

Beth Downs               152

Claire James              128


Jennifer Richardson    35

Planning Board- for three years

Pamela Bruss             168

Claire James               138

Planning Board- for one year

Robert L. Close           159

Zoning Board- for three years

Nathanial Bruss           163

Stephen Pierce            150

Cemetery Commission- for three years

Carey Rodd                 173

Cemetery Commission- for two years

Jane M. Lucas             176

Zoning Amendment No. 1

Yes                               121

No                                  29


Below are the results of the Official Ballot of the Kearsarge Regional School District for the Town of Bradford.

Only write-ins with 3 or more votes are included on the list below. A comprehensive list of write-ins will be available at the Town Clerk’s Office and posted as soon as possible.

For Moderator- for one year

Brackett Scheffy           182

For School Board Member

Andrew Pinard              172

For Municipal Budget Committee

James V. Bibbo, III        147


Jennifer Richardson         3

Question 1

A     37

B     18

C     121

Question 2

Yes  102

No     79

Question 3

Yes   124

No      58

Question 4

Yes     125

No        58