Town Hall Restoration Oversight Committee Minutes 11.01.17

Town Hall Restoration Oversight Committee Minutes meeting of 11/1/17, BACC

Meeting called to order by Brackett Scheffy, Moderator, at 5:32pm.   Committee members present were Harry Wright, Brackett Scheffy, Jason Allen, Marcia Keller, Jim Bibbo, Beth Downs (RHC), and Will Kranz.

The minutes of the October 10 meeting were approved.

Jason reported that the Town Hall facebook page was getting a modest but steady number of hits, with the quantity rising after town hall related actions, such as Jay Barrett (our architect) presenting to the board of selectmen (BOS).

Harry advised that Jay Barrett has had a productive exchange of e-mails with LCHIP regarding use of the grant funds as part of the required structural improvements.  Harry has monitored the conversations but not intruded as they were progressing well.  Harry will interface with LCHIP shortly for an update from their perspective.

A long discussion ensued re: the next steps to be taken on the project.  In the end, the following motion was made:

“The THROC recommends to the BOS that we lower the building, collect costs, then make a decision on the next steps going forward.  Also, the THROC reaffirms the wisdom of the project going forward.”

Motion passed, 7-0

Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, 11/15/17, BACC, 5:30pm.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45 pm.