Town Hall Restoration Oversight Committee Minutes 12.13.17

Minutes, Town Hall Restoration Oversight Committee meeting of 12/13/17, BACC

Meeting called to order by Brackett Scheffy, Moderator, at 5:35pm.   Committee members present were Harry Wright, Brackett Scheffy, Jason Allen, and Michele Halsted.   Also in attendance was Karen Hambleton, Town Administrator, George Born of LCHIP and Jay Barrett of Barrett Architecture.

George provided an excellent overview of LCHIP’s function in general and their role in the Town Hall restoration project.  He affirmed that our request to limit the LCHIP project focus to the ongoing structural upgrades was practical.

In addition to the latest drawing package (provided by Jay), George needs the following to complete his package for review and presentation to the LCHIP Board of Directors:

  1. A timeline for the existing structural upgrade work (Jay will provide).
  2. A list of contractors on the job (Trumbull-Nelson is the contractor, Jay will define).
  3. A letter from the Town of Bradford requesting that the LCHIP project timeline be extended beyond December 31, 2017. Harry will create for the BOS approval.

Jay provided an update of progress to date and a review of the site plan (just completed) that shows there will be no significant drainage issues.  Jay also interfaced with George on several items in an excellent exchange of information.  This was good for their mutual understanding and was very informative for the committee members.

After George and Jay departed, the meeting turned to the normal agenda.

  • The minutes of the November 15th meeting were approved.
  • Michele presented a plan by the RHC (in a letter to the THROC and BOS) to disburse all of the funds in their Town Hall Restoration account to elements of the existing phase of construction. This was based on a conference call between the RHC and Jay Barrett on 12/12/17.  The THROC will review and comment to the BOS as well.
  • With this disbursal of funds, the RHC will retire from the THROC until an action plan for next phase(s) is defined subsequent to Town Meeting, March 2018.
  • There was no other business discussed.
  • The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 31, 2018, 5:30 pm at the BACC.

Meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm.