ZBA Minutes 11.1.17

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by Brooks McCandlish, Chair.


Brooks McCandlish, Chair; Denise Renk (Absent); Nathanial Bruss, Stephen Pierce; Bill Duffy; Bob Hodges (Absent)

Review and Consideration of Minutes

Minutes of October 4th were approved with the following correction: Appeal for Croto Home Business: There was a motion to hold a Public Meeting should say Hearing. Application for rehearing on Rosa application: The Board found no new evidence….and did not feel they did anything  or unlawful in original denial.

Public Hearing (Ormiston Special Exception, 9 High St; Map16/Lot21:

Public hearing was opened at7:01. Kate Ormiston presented her application to the Board and provided pictures of her plans; she also brought letters from all her abutters in supports of installing the original historic porch over the front entrance. Public hearing was closed at 7:05 The Board was in support of the application and there was a motion to accept application, vote 4-0

Letter to the Board from Stephen Pierce:

Stephen asked the members that supported the request for a rehearing to please indicate their concerns with the original approval. Bill explained how he felt there was not enough information presented at the Planning Board meeting and Nathanial also mentioned that he wants know if Croto had Liability insurance, was he registered with the DDTC and well as ATF and ITAR. Stephen just wanted to make it known to Mr. Croto why the appeal was granted.

Other Business:

  1. Stephen Pierce will not be at the December meeting and there for Bill Duffy will have to Chair the Croto Public Hearing.
  2. There was also discussion on when Board members should recuse themselves and that it is important to remember they are elected into this role and need to remain natural during controversial application.
  3. Wanda Watson: She came to the Board asking what steps she needed to take to relicense her Kennel License because the State of NH has changed their regulation. The Board said she would need to fill out a Variance and the Board secretary gave Wanda a copy of the application. She said she will send it in as soon as she has it competed.
  4. The Board reviewed the Budget and they made supplies $300 and conferences to $220. Motion to approve revised figures, vote 4-0

As there was no additional business to come before the board, meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM.