ZBA Notice of Decision Map16/Lot21 Ormiston Special Exception



Case # 2017-SE-003

Map 16 Lot 21

Ref. Public Hearing Notice____________________

You are hereby notified that the request for a Special Exception to construct a porch on

the front entrance the residence at 9 High Street, Bradford NH according to plans

submitted, has been approved by this Zoning Board of Adjustment, vote 4-0.

Date of Decision: 11.1.2017

Chair, ZBA

NOTE: Any person affected has a right to appeal this decision within a thirty (30) day time period counted

in calendar days beginning with the date upon which the board voted the decision. (RSA 677:2, 4 &15)

Before any appeal may be taken to the courts, affected persons must apply to the Board of Adjustment for a

rehearing. The request for a rehearing must set forth all the grounds on which the appeal is based.

If, within one year after the granting of an appeal by the Board, any required building permit for work

covered by the appeal has not been executed, then such an appeal shall become null and void except in any

case where legal proceedings to the appeal shall have caused undue delay in the execution of the required

building permit, or an extension has been granted by the Board of Adjustment.

(Zoning Ordinance, Article XII D.)