Zoning Board Minutes 01.03.18

Bradford Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting                 January 3, 2018

Re:  Scheduled monthly meeting minutes.

The Town of Bradford Zoning Board was called to order at 7:10 pm.

Members present: Brooks McCandlish-chair, Bill Duffy, Nathanial Bruss and Steve Pierce.

Absent:  Denise Renk. Denise notified the board regarding her possible absence.

Alternate, Bob Hodges was seated to complete the 5 member board.

Due to recent resignation of recording secretary for the Zoning Board, Steve Pierce volunteered to take notes and complete the report of the minutes on behalf of the board.

December minutes were reviewed as corrected by Brooks McCandlish.  Minutes accepted by the Board.

No new applications were received at the meeting or were filed in advance of the meeting.

Dunne hearing: Scheduled for 1/3/18 has been moved to special meeting on 1/17/18.  The applicant agreed to the change in hearing date.  Hearing date change is required as notices to abutters were not sent out timely.

Other business:  Ken Parys, town resident, appeared and volunteered to be an alternate member of the Zoning Board.  Ken presented a brief outline of his background.  Bill Duffy offered a motion to appoint Ken Parys as an alternate; Bob Hodges seconded the motion.  Board members accepted his offer and voted 5-0 to appoint Ken Parys as an alternate.

Other business:  NFI License Review.   Zoning Board is in receipt of an application initiated by NFI, a business in Bradford.  NFI intends to offer transitional housing to adults; some with disabilities at a residential facility on Rte 103.  Discussion ensued regarding NFI.  It is determined that no change in use of the facility has occurred.  NFI remains in compliance with Zoning Regulations and this is an allowed use in this zoning district.  ZBA application was approved, signed, and forwarded by Brooks McCandlish, chair.  Motion to accept and approve application:  Steve Pierce.  Motion seconded:  Bill Duffy.  Motion carried 5-0.

Other business:  Signage concern regarding two businesses on Rte 103.  Bradford Select Board forwarded correspondence for Zoning Board consideration.  Correspondence indicates two businesses may be using temporary signage beyond the allowed 30 day time frame.  Correspondence was reviewed and discussed.  Steve Pierce volunteered to contact one of the businesses and inquire about the planned use of temporary signage going forward.  No action taken by board.  Open matter.

Motion to adjourn:  A motion to adjourn was offered by Nathanial Bruss; seconded by Bob Hodges.

Motion carried 5-0.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.                         Submitted by:   Steve Pierce

Member, Zoning Board of Adjustment