Zoning Board Minutes 08.02.17

Meeting called to order at 6:00pm by Brooks McCandlish, Chair.


Members Present: Brooks McCandlish, Chair; Denise Renk; Nathanial Bruss, Heather Weed, Alternate; Bill Duffy (recused himself for puvlic hearing) ; Bob Hodges, Alternate

Members Absent: Stephen Pierce;

Brooks seated Bob Hodges for Stephen Pierce and Heather Weed for Bill Duffy

Review and Consideration of Minutes

Minutes of July 19, 2017 were accepted


Public Hearing 647 East Washington Rd (Map8/Lot30&31 and Map12/Lot5&:

Public hearing opened at 6:02pm

Anthony Rosa read through his application for a hunting preserve on East Washington rd. He explained to the public and the Board that this is not a gun range and that small hunting groups of no more than 4 members would come to their property, purchase the pheasants and then go out and hunt them for a ½ day hunts. Rosa plans on creating buffers around the property but did mention that the birds sometimes fly and therefore cannot guarantee that the birds will not go onto abutter’s property. The hunters will only be using shot guns, no rifles and also mentioned how the majority of the hunting will be taking place in the middle of their property making a bigger buffer for the abutters. Hunters will be given a hunting safety session before they go out, will also be given a map of the property along with a two way radio to use in case of emergencies. Rosa has been working with Fish and Game and will be following their guidelines to open a hunting preserve. Hours of operation will be 8-4 September through April 7 days a week but they do not plan on having 2 hunts a day 7 days week because weather and peoples work schedule ect.

Brooks then explained the criteria for a Special Exception and reiterated the format of the Public Hearing moving forward, he then opened the public hearing to the public for their comments. People that supported the project spoke first and then those that opposed had time to address the applicant and the Board. Amy Manzelli, esq was hired by Kenneth Parys who opposes this project. Manzelli presented a letter to the Board that was sent via email beforehand so that the Board had time to review prior to the hearing. Copies of the letter are in the applicants file along with other letters and correspondences. Individuals were concerned about what the hunting preserve would do to their property value, safety issues, and sound concerns. It was explained that if a special exception was granted that the Rosa family would still have to go in front of the Planning Board and it is there that restriction can be placed on the sire plan that may address some of the concerns.

Motion was made to close the public hearing at 8:43pm, vote 5-0. There was then a motion to have a special meeting on Aug16th at 7:00 in the community Center to further the discussion on the Rosa application. Vote 5-0


As there was no additional business to come before the board, meeting adjourned at 8:56 PM.