Zoning Board Minutes 7.5.17

Meeting called to order at 6:00pm by Brooks McCandlish, Chair.


Members Present:

Brooks McCandlish, Chair; Denise Renk; Stephen Pierce ; Bill Duffy; Nathanial Bruss, Heather Weed, Alternate, Bob Hodges, Alternate


Review and Consideration of Minutes

Minutes of June 7, 2017 were accepted with the change of adding Bob Hodges as absent


Public Hearing:

Public hearing opened at 6:02. Brooks read letter stating that not all abutters were notified of Public Hearing and therefore the Board postponed the Public Hearing till 8.2.17 at 6:00pm at the community Center. Public Hearing closed at 6:08

Nathanial made a motion that the ZBA notify the Towns of Hillsboro and Washington of the Public Hearing on the Rosa application on 8.2.17 for a special exception for a commercial use in a RR area. The applicant proposes to run a hunting preserve on 647 East Washington Rd. (Map 8/Lot 30 &31 and Map 12/Lot 5 & 6), Stephen seconded, vote 5-0. The Board gave Mr. Rosa the opportunity to do a conceptual presentation on his plans for the hunting preserve. There will be a formal presentation at the public hearing. Moving forward Heather will be seated for Bill Duffy because he has recessed himself for this decision.


Other Business:

There will be a Special meeting for the ZBA to review the Zoning ordinance at 7:00pm on 7.19.17 at the community Center.


As there was no additional business to come before the board, meeting adjourned at 7:34PM.