Cemetery Minutes 05.11.17


Members present : Trustees : J. Lucas ,C. Rodd and D. Whalley. Also J. Lord ,Custodian.

Minutes of April 13 were read and accepted by J.Lucas ,C. Rodd and D. Whalley



Diane has discussed the difficulty in getting information from the cemetery trust funds. Trust Fund Trustee, Harry Wright and Town Administrator, Karen Hambleton are interpreting the trust funds intended for headstone repair and other unexpected expenses above the cemetery budget approved at town meeting. We are assured there is money available.

Jim said he would have the “dog” signs up  by May 14th.

Carey contacted the person in charge of the state diversion program about getting help to clean headstones. Apparently, this is based on individuals in the program choosing to participate and then finding  their own transportation to the work site. Diane will contact D. Croft via e-mail.

At some point we will investigate and dig up the broken headstones behind the town park.

Being a busy time of year ,this will be put on the “back burner”.

Water at Sunny Plains is not on yet . Jim will get in touch with Kip Byfield .

Carey investigated the Civil War Memorial at Pleasant Hill Cemetery. There was a concern by a Bradford citizen that some of the cannon balls had been removed and rolled down the bank nearby. He did not find any and suggested that a metal detector be used to find them.



The pine trees at Sunny Plains have been cut down and cleaned up ,as well as a trim of dead branches on a tree bordering the front wall.

Jane has proposed that a red poppy be placed on the veteran flags posted at WWI veterans in comemmoration of the 100th anniversary of that war


Draft until approve