Main Street Revitalization Committee

Revitalization Committee 11.05.14

Revitalization Committee Minutes 11/5/14     In attendance:  Marilyn Gordon, Marlene Freyler, Felicia Starr, Jim Bibbo, Claire James   Jim needs a letter of support for the Rail Trail. Needs it by tomorrow morning – Claire will type something up and get it to him in the morning.   Claire spoke about a town wide clean up day. The spring is probably the best time now. Many organizations (Masons, church…) are potential sources for volunteers to help residents who need assistance.   Felicia brought up the overall purpose of the committee and how it was started and what have we accomplished.  Every month we get together and discuss the same thing. We don’t actually accomplish anything.  Felicia resigned. Jim will…
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Revitalization Committee Minutes 06.03.14

Revitalization Committee Minutes 6/3/14     In attendance:  Marilyn Gordon, Marlene Freyler, Felicia Starr, Gwen Dupuis, Chris Way   The Revolving Loan fund committee met and Chris updated up on what they are learning.   Felicia met with Parks & Rec about Brown Shattuck Field and offered ideas our committee had. Parks & Rec as well as BACC will host a community gathering on June 7th at the BACC for ideas.   A discussion of the role the Revitalization Committee was discussed and will continue at the next meeting.     Next meeting at BACC, August 5th, 7:00 pm.

Revitalization Committee Meeting 04.01.14

Revitalization Committee Minutes 4/1/2014 7:00 pm   In attendance: Marilyn Gordon, Marlene Freyler, Felicia Starr, Gwen Dupuis, Marcia Keller, Jim Bibbo & Erich Caron   Revolving Loan Fund: completed project   Farmer’s Market: Jim reported Farmstead of NE would like to participate in Bradford’s Farmer’s Market.   Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission: Marcia brought the form for the 2014 CEDS New Project, business incubator at Bradford’s recycling center and transfer station site. Marcia discussed her idea with the director, Mike Tardif of CNHRPC. This will be given to the Select-board for their approval on April 7th.   At the March 31st select-board meeting, committees should have appointed people. A list of members needs to be given to Cheryl so…
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Revitalization Committee Minutes 03.04.14

Bradford Revitalization Committee March 4, 2014 7:00 pm   In attendance: Marcia Keller, Marilyn Gordon, Jim Bibbo, Chris Way, Felicia Starr, Marlene Freyler, Claire & Mike James   The revolving loan fund committee has been formed, Laura Hallahan, Jane Rayno, Marilyn Gordon, Chris Way & Peter M. Fenton. After town meeting, the group will advise the select board so they can be sworn into position. This will be great for microloans for Bradford Businesses.   We looked at a couple surveys and both mentioned Farmers Markets are needed in town. Claire and her husband are thinking of starting a farmers market in Bradford and wanted some input from our committee.   Building a “road map” will be up for discussion…
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Bradford Revitalization Meeting Minutes 01.07.14

Bradford Revitalization Meeting January 7, 2014 Jim Bibbo spoke about the Central NH Regional Planning & their goals. Revolving Loan Fund & the TIF program will be discussed at the February meeting. When discussing what the businesses are looking for in moving to Bradford, we found 5 priorities: • Aesthetically pleasing • Community activities • More dining options • Municipal parking • Streamline the processes with town government for applications – signs and permits….. The Master Plan for Bradford is due for review; the Revitalization Committee was asked if they have any interest in planning. As of 1/7/14, 21 surveys have been completed on Survey Monkey. ( There is also a survey on the back page of The Bradford Bridge…
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Main Street Revitalization minutes 10.01.13

Main Street Revitalization Committee September 3, 2013 Gardens need to be maintained throughout all seasons. The Tillie Wheeler Trail needs to be cleaned up, we will talk to the Conservation Committee to see if they would like to take on this project in the spring. We would like to do a survey of the Bradford residents to find out what they want in Bradford. We will think about getting it out for November, December or January. We also need to come up with some questions and will discuss in October. We would like to put it in the Bridge and on the town’s website. We will have an online version and use social media to get it out to the…
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Main Street Revitalization Committee 06.04.13

Main Street Revitalization Committee June 4, 2013 7:01 – 9:00   Marcia Keller, Marlene Freyler, Marilyn Gordon, Gwen Dupuis, Sue Reynolds, Nikki Dubaere & Felicia Starr attended.   Marilyn read a response from an email Cheryl received from the town attorney about the Sanborn Property. We can’t do anything with the property until the actual owners are identified, notified and given a 30 day response after the certified letter is received by the owner. Any improvements and money received from the sale of the personal belongings and property will go towards the cost of tearing down the building and paying back taxes. After all costs have been covered, the money will go back to the homeowner; Bradford does not earn…
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Main Street Revitalization 05.22.13

Combined meeting of MAIN STREET REVITALIZATION COMMITTEE & ECONOMIC REVITALIZATION COMMITTEE Minutes of May 22, 2013 The Main Street Revitalization Committee and the Economic development committee met together to discuss the goals of both committees. Marlene Freyler, Marilyn Gordon, Felicia Starr, John Pfeifle, Sonny Harris, John Bibbo, Sherry Hill, Marcia Keller, Mel Pfeifle, Chris Way, Walter Royal, John Mock, Bob Lincoln, Clare James, Nikki Dubaere & Randy Hinman attended the combined meeting. • To make it easier for potential businesses to open in Bradford, the rules can’t change in the process of application. The boards and committees need to have consistency with the rules and regulations. They also need to be known and available to everyone easily. • Chris Way…
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Main Street Revitalization Committee (MSRC) Minutes

MAIN STREET REVITALIZATION COMMITTEE Minutes May 7, 3012 Meeting called order at 7:10PM and those in attendance were as follows: Mike & Clare James, John Mock, Marcia Keller, Bob Lincoln, Felicia Starr, Randy Hindman, Marlene Freyler, Marilyn Gordon, Mary Belino.  The evening was brainstorming of what is there now and what each would like to see. The following are topics and what was discussed: Parking on Main Street. There is no parking on Main Street and that was part of the design when the sidewalks were put in. Sanborn Property. The consensus stated that the property should be cleaned up, mowed and level. Can be used this year for parking for the Independence Day celebration. Lois & Bindy will be…
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