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Identity Theft Prevention

Below is a link that you may find as helpful.  It is the Smart Traveler’s  Guide for preventing Identity Theft.  Please copy and then paste to your browser bar. https://guestdoor.com/the-smart-travelers-guide-to-preventing-identity-theft/

Old Warner Road

To all Parents, Spectators and Players, It is that special time of the year again for baseball players, parents and fans.  Soon our fields here in Bradford will be filled with the sounds of the cracking of a bat, the popping of a glove, the laughter and smiles of young kids and the smell of the BBQ grill in the air. On Saturday April 27th the BNSYS kicks off its season with the annual 100 inning baseball game fundraiser to be held at Warren Brook Park in Bradford, NH.  This special day is sure to be a success and fun will be had by all. Apart from all participants and attendees having fun and enjoying this day and upcoming season…
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PD News: Summer Begins

As we roll into summer we are beginning to see a steady increase in Off Highway Recreational Vehicle (O.H.R.V.) and All Terrain Vehicle (A.T.V.) use.  There are some things to consider before hitting the trails. Fish and Game strongly recommends that all operators complete a Safety Education Class. The class is a requirement for operators 12 years or older that do not hold a valid motor vehicle license. For more information about attending a class contact Fish and Game 603-271-3129 or go to www.ride.nh.gov  for class schedules. Remember, all riders under the age of 18 MUST wear helmets at all times. Every year hundreds of people are injured in OHRV or snowmobile crashes. Approximately 35% had some level of alcohol…
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Bradford Police Drug Take Back Day April 28, 2012

Tomorrow the Bradford Police Department will participate in the Drug Enforcement Administration drug take back day. On April 28, 2012 from 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. the station will be open and will have a receptacle that the public can use to dispose of no longer used or out dated medications. The drugs will then be turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration for proper disposal. One of the latest concerns is that these drugs are being flushed down toilets and then finding their way into the water table and water supplies. Thank you all!!

Mail Fraud Scam

  The check is a forgery and the scam is you deposit $3,900.00 in your account and then send the agent $1,900.00. The check is a forgery and will not clear but your check will have been cashed and your bank will be looking for you to make up $1,900.00. If it sounds to good to be true it is.

Warning Medicare Recipients

WARNING – MEDICARE RECIPIENTS SCAM ALERT: This serious scam is now being reported from Maine to Florida. Medicare beneficiaries have received phone calls from the “WalMart Promotion Center,” stating that they had just won a $1,000 WalMart gift card. All they needed to do to claim their prize was to confirm their name, e-mail address, and cell phone#.  Also, they said that they were out of gift cards but, with a bank account number they would be able to deposit the $1,000 into their account today. Never give out confidential information.  If you have a question please call your local Police Department.  Remember if it sounds to good to be true.

Police Department Open House

  Bradford Police Had their open house today and gave 30 ID Kits to parents and children. We were visited by 30 children and over one hundred adults. Along with the ID Kits we were able to give out gun locks, key chains and reflectors. It was a very good and positive day. Thank you to Dawn Rich and Martha Barron from the Friends of The Bradford Area Community Center for attending and helping with the ID Kits. Deb Flinkstrom and Margaret Raymond attended on behalf of the Bradford Parks and Recreation Committee. Special thank you the officers and members of the Bradford Police Association who volunteered their Saturday to make this such a successful event.      

Police Statistics 05.10

Date : 06/07/2010 BRADFORD NEW HAMPSHIRE BRADFORD POLICE DEPARTMENT PO BOX 762, 75 W MAIN STREET BRADFORD, NH 03221 Calls For Service Totals By Call Type 05/01/2010 to 05/31/2010 Call Type Totals 05.00Burglary – 635:1 1 05.01Criminal Trespass 635:2 2 06.00Theft – Unauthorized Taking 637:3 6 09.03Assault – Criminal Threatening … 1 09.07Assault – Criminal Neglect of… 1 10.03Fraud – Issuing Bad Check 638:4 2 14.00Criminal Mischief 634:2 1 15.00Firearms – Unauthorized use 644:13 1 17.04Sex – Offender Registration 2 20.02Domestic Violence 3 22.05Liquor Laws – Hours of Sales 179:17 1 23.00Intoxication – Safekeeping 1 24.00Dis Con – Disorderly Conduct 644:2 2 29.00Runaways 5 30.00Motor Vehicle Crash – Non Reportable 1 30.01Motor Vehicle Crash – Property Damage 1 31.00MV –…
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Police Department News 05.10

During the month of May we conducted a number of events.  The Bradford Elementary School and Bradford Police Department graduated this years D.A.R.E. class.    On May 26, 2010 thirty-eight students from the fifth grade at Kearsarge Regional Elementary School (KRES) successfully completed and graduated from the D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program. The program, a 10-week long curriculum, started on March 3rd and was instructed by Officer Ed Shaughnessy of the Bradford Police Department. The D.A.R.E. program gives our children the tools they need to resist drugs and make correct, healthy choices. Students are also taught the many health effects of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. These are our kids, from our community, and we want their futures to be bright,…
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Police Department Statistics 01-02.10

BRADFORD NEW HAMPSHIRE POLICE DEPARTMENT PO BOX 762, 75 W MAIN STREET BRADFORD, NH 03221 Calls For Service Totals By Call Type 01/01/2010  to 02/28/2010 Date : 03/10/2010 05.00 Burglary – 635:1 1 06.06 Theft – of services 637:8 1 08.00 Arson 1 09.00 Assault – Simple   631:2-a 1 09.03 Assault – Criminal Threatening … 3 10.03 Fraud – Issuing Bad Check 638:4 2 10.04 Fraud- Fraudulent use of Credit… 1 10.20 Fraud – Identity 1 20.02 Domestic Violence 1 21.00 DUI – First Offense 1 24.00 Dis Con – Disorderly Conduct 644:2 1 24.25 IEA – Mental Health 1 28.00 Truant 1 30.00 Motor Vehicle Crash – Non Reportable 3 30.01 Motor Vehicle Crash – Property Damage 2 31.00…
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