Town Meeting 2014



Town Warrant of Town Meeting March 11, 2014

The Polls will open at 8:00 am to 7:00 pm on March 11, 2014.

To the inhabitants of the Town of Bradford in the County of Merrimack in said State qualified to vote in town affairs;

You are hereby notified to meet at the Kearsarge Regional Elementary School on the Old Warner Road in said Bradford, N.H. on Tuesday the eleventh day of March next, at eight o’clock in the morning to act on the following articles:

Article One. To choose all necessary town officials for the ensuing year.


Brackett L. Scheffy (357)         Elected

SELECTMEN (3 YEARS) – 1 Opening:

John Pfeifle (213)         Elected

Marlene Freyler (160)


Michael C. James (337)            Elected


Erica Gross (334)         Elected

Connie Scheffy (316)    Elected

Patricia Furness (298)   Elected



Mary Keegan Dayton (26)        Elected

Denise Renk (15)         Elected


Jonathan P. Marden (315)        Elected


Susan Reynolds (40)     Elected

PLANNING BOARD (3 YEARS) – 2 Openings:

Mark Keith (344)         Elected


Claire James (58)         Elected

ZONING BOARD (3 YEARS) – 2 Openings:

Mark Fournier (205)    Elected

Erich A. Caron (155)


Stephen C. Pierce (165)           Elected


Carey R. Rodd (345)   Elected

Article Two. Zoning Amendment One. To see if the Town will vote to amend Article V. Section C. 1. to read:

  1. When any existing non-conforming use of a building or use of land has been discontinued for two years, the building or land shall thereafter be used only in conformity with this ordinance, except by special exception.

Yes (193)         No (175)         Article Carried

Article Three. Zoning Amendment Two: To see if the Town will vote to add a definition to Article II. Definitions

Feather Sign: Any sign constructed of cloth, canvas, fabric, or other light materials and supported along one or more sides and intended for display for a short period of time.

Yes (245)         No (127)          Article Carried

Article Four. Zoning Amendment Three: To see if the Town will vote to amend Article VII Sign Regulation to allow feather signs under the category of “allowed without permit”, but set criteria for their use.

  1. Feather signs allowed in the Rural Business District with a limit of two per lot, 15’ from the highway right-of-way and property boundary, kept in good repair, and displayed for no longer than 60 days in any calendar year.

Yes (237)         No (133)         Article Carried

Article Five. Zoning Amendment Four: To see if the Town will vote to add a new section P. to Article III

P. Restriction on Certain Vehicles in the Residential-Business District. The following restrictions apply to all lots in the Residential-Business district, whose primary use is residential:

1. No commercial vehicle, recreational vehicle, trailer (excluding manufactured housing), truck over 15,000 gross vehicle weight rating, bus, or boat shall be parked or stored outdoors within 50’ from any street right-of-way or property line.

2. The restrictions set forth in paragraph 1 above shall also apply to any other type of vehicle which remains in the same location, without being operated on the public highways, for a period of 60 days or more, irrespective of whether said vehicle constitutes “junk” under this Ordinance.

3. Notwithstanding Article V of this Ordinance, no existing vehicle, trailer or boat shall be deemed to constitute a nonconforming use, or to be otherwise exempt from the restrictions contained in this section. However, any owner may apply for a variance pursuant to the standards contained in RSA 674:33.

Yes (203)         No (170)         Article Carried

Article Six. To adjourn the meeting until Wednesday March 12, 2014 at 7:00pm at the Bradford Highway Department on Cilley Lane in Bradford. Raising the money and remaining articles in the Warrant will be taken up at the adjourned meeting. Due to inclement weather, being called for March 12, 2014 the adjourned meeting was rescheduled for Saturday, March 15, 2014 at 9:00am at the Bradford Highway Department on Cilley Lane in Bradford.

Election officials present at the March 11th, 2014 Town Election were Fred Hubley, Assistant Moderator designated Moderator, Harold Wright, Sonny Harris, Selectmen, Erica Gross, Town Clerk, Melissa Cloutier, Deputy Town Clerk, Ruth Marden, Judith Marshall, Jacqueline Pehrson, Supervisors of the Checklist, Robert Toppi, Marge Cilley, George Cilley, Jane Johnsen, Marcia Keller, Phyllis Wilcox, Carolyn Verity, Harriet Douglass, Margaret Ainsle, Miriam D’Angona, Thomas Marshall and Mary Keegan Dayton, Ballot Clerks, Eileen Kelly, Beth Rodd, Robert Toppi, Marilyn Gordon, Carey Rodd, Paul Gross, Tandy Hartford, Sandy Paul, Thomas Marshall, Julie Leonard, Jane Johnsen, Harold Wright, Steve Pierce, Counters

The count ended at 11:35 pm. A total of 352 voters attended. 36 Absentee Ballots were received totaling 388 votes. The Results were announced and emailed. The meeting reconvened at the Bradford Highway Department on Cilley Lane.

Please note: Due to the numerous amount of speakers, these notes have been abridged. A detailed audio account of Town Meeting is available on CD at the Town Administrators office and online at

Brackett Scheffy opened the meeting at 9:00am with the Pledge of Allegiance done by Bob Selig.

Brackett stated that this was the 228th town meeting for the Town of Bradford. The rules for procedure are based on Roberts Rules. Brackett also explained that due to the fact that Article 7 is a bond issue it must be voted on with paper ballots and voting will be left open for 1 hour. The other difference with bond issues is that if someone moves for reconsideration of that bond article and the motion passes, then we have to pause the meeting on that bond article and adjourn the meeting for at least 7 days before we can take it up again. He mentioned that because Article 9 and Article 10 (petition) were contingent on Article 7, we would hold off on these until the result of Article 7 is declared.

John Pfeifle thanked Everett Kittredge and Thomas Riley for their years of service to the town.

Dick Keller introduced with the Budget Committee. It is with their due diligence and the Town people’s support that the tax rate went down this past year. Holding the tax rate steady is the Budget Committee’s goal. Dick then explained the blue budget sheet that had been handed out; showing the total Operating Budget of $1,915,757 (one million, nine hundred and fifteen thousand, seven hundred and fifty seven dollars) the total of the warrant articles $417,376 (four hundred and seventeen thousand, three hundred and seventy six dollars). Giving a total of $2,333,133 (two million, three hundred and thirty three thousand, one hundred and thirty three dollars) as the bottom line affecting the tax rate. It is with this balancing of the individual numbers on both sides of the sheet that generates the bottom line. With this in mind the Budget Committee supports the restoration of the Town Hall. This can be done without increasing the taxes, which the Budget Committee has heard, is a concern. The first payment of a partial payment will come in 2015. When the last major payment of $31,880 (thirty one thousand, eight hundred and eighty dollars) on the highway garage note will be paid off and the commitment to the State when our share of the bridge design will be reduced by $15,000 (fifteen thousand dollars) that same year. The interest in the fund balance will more than make up any difference for 2015. In 2016, we will be in balance again.

Article Seven. To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate One Million Four Hundred Sixty Six Thousand Dollars ($1,466,000.00) (gross budget) to renovate the Bradford Town Hall at map 16 lot 92 and to authorize the issuance of not more than One Million Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ($1,300,000.00) of bonds or notes in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Finance Act (RSA Chapter 33.) Further to authorize the Selectmen to issue and negotiate such bonds or notes, to determine the rate of interest thereon, the term and other details. The balance of One Hundred Sixty Six Thousand Dollars ($166,000.00) will be raised from donations and grants. With work proceeding as commitments are made. Selectmen recommends. Budget Committee recommends. (2/3 ballot vote required) (passage of this article will not impact the tax rate until 2015)

Note: The Bradford Board of Selectmen expects to complete the entire project in 2015. All additional work; to include the second floor, paving the parking lot, finishing the basement, finishing the southwest office/room on the 1st floor, and incidentals; will be paid for by grants and donations. No additional tax funds will be used.

John Pfeifle gave an overview of the restoration program and explained that we are restricting the use of the BradfordAreaCommunity Center by having the town offices located there. The restoration of the Town Hall will be done in two phases. Phase 1 will be done with 1.3 million and will be complete for town offices, while Phase 2 will only be done when we have received enough grants or donations to proceed.

Phase 1 will create a safe environment with barriers, egress windows, alarm systems duplicated throughout the whole area. It will achieve environmental excellence by creating better public relations. Office flow will be positive, easy and efficient. The storage facility will comply with RSA:91a. Entire safety and environmental functional issues will be taken care of in Phase 1. All asbestos and mold will be removed. Wiring, insulation, roofing, exterior paint and heating system will be 100% complete.

Michael and James Bruss gave a presentation on the new plans for the Town Hall Restoration project.

Brackett opened the floor up for discussion.

Don Johnsen asked if the second floor would be usable before completion. Jim Bruss answered that it would be usable but limited to occupancy of 50 people or less. Until such time as the elevator is installed and the second staircase is brought up.

Verne Clow asked how the sprinkler cistern would be fed.

Jim Bruss answered that the sprinkler cistern would be fed in the beginning of the project. A tankard would be used to fill it and the cistern will have an alarm system and auto fill that will monitor and maintain it in case of evaporation. It will also have a fire pump with automatic transfer switch generator.

Jim Bruss also answered Verne’s question regarding fuel. The current plan is to have the first floor with air conditioning with an air to air heat pump. Although this decision has not been completely made they are also looking into a wood pellet boiler, that Bruss has used in other buildings and has had great success with.

Peter Antal wanted to know if the meeting space would that handle 400 people and what would happen if there is overflow as we have had at prior town meetings.

Mike Bruss stated that there would be space enough for 400 people if the other two meeting areas are also used.

John Pfeifle mentioned that they are aggressively investigating sharing services with other towns. They are looking into having Henniker share the rescue services, and Newbury sharing police services. They will investigate Fire Department, Ambulance, Police Department and Transfer Station and see where money can be saved. Then will look at the possibility of joining forces with town offices.

Charles Goodale pointed out that a number of the residents are on fixed income. The current social security COLA is 1.5% so every tax rise is devastating to these people.

Charlotte Antal was very concerned with the infrastructure of the town being outsourced to other towns just to make a building look nicer.

George Cilley noted that we all live on fixed incomes.

Bracket made a motion to close the debate and open the ballot boxes. Motion passed.

Ballot boxes were opened at 10:50am.

Voting on Article 7 was closed at 11:50. 239 votes were cast. A 2/3 vote was needed to pass the bond article.             Yes 151      No 88 Article Did Not Carry

Article Eight. To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of One Million Nine Hundred Fifteen Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Seven Dollars ($1,915,757.00) for general municipal operations. This article DOES NOT include amounts appropriated by other warrant articles. (Majority vote required). Selectmen recommends $1,920,351.00. Budget Committee recommends $1,915,757.00.

                                                                                                Selectmen Budget Comm

  1. Executive                                                               186,220.00 181,226.00 Carried
  2. Elections and Vital Records                                       9,018.00 9,018.00 Carried
  3. Financial Administration                                           94,611.00 94,611.00 Carried
  4. Revaluations                                                            25,346.00 25,346.00 Carried
  5. Legal                                                                       16,000.00 16,000.00 Carried
  6. Employee Benefits-now posted to each dept
  7. Planning                                                                     9,053.00 9,453.00 Carried
  8. General Government                                                56,899.00 56,899.00 Carried
  9. Cemetery                                                                26,125.00 26,125.00 Carried
  10. Insurances                                                               77,566.00 77,566.00 Carried
  11. Other General Gov                                                    8,800.00 8,800.00 Carried
  12. Police Department                                                 445,720.00 445,720.00 Carried
  13. Fire Department                                                      61,500.00 61,500.00 Carried
  14. Rescue Squad                                                         73,997.00 73,997.00 Carried
  15. Building Code Dept                                                 19,793.00 19,793.00 Carried
  16. Emergency Management                                            2,750.00 2,750.00 Carried
  17. Highway Department                                             475,517.00 475,517.00 Carried
  18. Bridge Account                                                            100.00 100.00 Carried
  19. Street Lighting                                                           4,800.00 4,800.00 Carried
  20. Solid Waste Collection                                            74,493.00 74,493.00 Carried
  21. Solid Waste Disposal                                               40,100.00 40,100.00 Carried
  22. Inoculations                                                                  100.00 100.00 Carried
  23. Welfare Administration                                              6,244.00 6,244.00 Carried
  24. Welfare Payments                                                    32,843.00 32,843.00 Carried
  25. Parks and Recreation                                                 2,000.00 2,000.00 Carried
  26. Library                                                                    66,140.00 66,140.00 Carried
  27. Patriotic Purposes                                                    13,500.00 13,500.00 Carried
  28. Community Center                                                   22,600.00 22,600.00 Carried
  29. Other Conservation                                                      800.00 800.00 Carried
  30. Long Term Notes                                                    65,716.00 65,716.00 Carried
  31. Interest on Tan Notes                                                2,000.00 2,000.00 Carried

Total                                                                                  $1,920,351.00 $1,915,757.00

Article Nine. To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Ninety Five Thousand Dollars ($95,000) to replace the roofing on the Bradford Town Hall (map 16 lot 92) and to cover preconstruction costs associated with the renovation of the Bradford Town Hall. This will be a non-lapsing appropriation per RSA 32:7,VI and will continue until the money is spent or December 31, 2019. If the bond article (Warrant Article Seven) passes this article will be passed over. Selectmen recommend. Budget Committee recommends.          Article Carried

A motion was made to reconsider Article 7. Motion for reconsideration was defeated.

Article Ten. To see if the Town will vote to postpone any major repairs or renovations of the Town Hall for the next three years. By Petition.

This Article cannot dictate next year’s meeting. Even if passed, it will have no legal effect. This Article also conflicts with Article 9 which carried. A motion was made to table this article. The motion for tabling was defeated.         Article Did Not Carry

Article Eleven. To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Eight Thousand Dollars ($8,000) to repair and replace steel beams on the Breezy Hill Road Bridge (#161/145). This would be a non lapsing appropriation per RSA 32:7, VI and will continue until the money is spent or December 31, 2019. Selectmen recommend. Budget Committee recommends.    Article Carried

Article Twelve. To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Seventy Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Six Dollars($70,956) to purchase a Ford 550 One Ton Truck for the Highway Department and to withdraw Seventy Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Six Dollars ($70,956) from the Highway Department Capital Reserve Fund. There will be no added tax impact of this purchase. Selectmen recommend. Budget Committee recommends.    Article Carried

Article Thirteen. To see if the Town will raise and appropriate the sum of Eighty Five Thousand Dollars ($85,000) to work on asphalt roads in Bradford. This is a non lapsingappropriation per RSA 32:7,VI and continue until the money is spent or December 31, 2019. Selectmen recommend. Budget Committee recommends.

Barry Wheeler explained that a top coat of 1 inch will be put on Fairgrounds and Sunset Hill.

Article Carried

Article Fourteen. To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate Fifty Three Thousand Three Hundred Dollars ($53,300.00) for Bridge design and replacement. This will be a non lapsing appropriation per RSA 32:7, VI to continue until the money is used or December 31, 2019. Selectmen recommend. Budget Committee recommends.      Article Carried

Article Fifteen. To see if the town will vote to authorize the selectmen to enter into a lease purchase agreement for the purpose of purchasing a tanker truck for the fire department. (This agreement contains a fiscal funding non appropriation clause) and to raise and appropriate One Hundred and Fifty Two Thousand Dollars ($152,000) for the down payment and first year’s payment under the lease /purchase agreement. The total cost of the tanker truck over four years will be Two Hundred Thirty Eight Thousand One Hundred Dollars ($238,100). The estimated annual payment for the remaining three years will be Twenty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Dollars ($28,700) per year. Selectmen recommend. Budget Committee does not recommend.

Hand Count – Yes 54   No 74  Article Did Not Carry

Article Sixteen. To see if the town will vote to discontinue the Fire Department Heavy Equipment Capital Reserve Fund established in 1996. Said funds with accumulated interest to the date of withdrawal, are to be transferred to the Town’s General Fund. This article is contingent on the passage of (the tanker warrant article #15). Selectmen recommend. Budget Committee does not recommend.          Article 16 Defeated Since Article 15 Did NotPass

Article Seventeen. To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000) to repair window casings and improve drainage at the Bradford Area Community Center in line with the Town’s Capital Improvement Plan this will be a non lapsing appropriation per RSA 32:7,VI to continue until the money is used or December 31, 2019. Selectmen recommend. Budget Committee recommends.      Article Carried

Article Eighteen. To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) to oversee the activities at the Boat Launch including certain safety regulations and milfoil inspection. Selectmen recommend. Budget Committee recommends.

Article Carried

Article Nineteen. To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Five Thousand Four Hundred Dollars ($5,400) to work with the State of NH and treat the milfoil in Lake Massasecum. This will be a non-lapsing appropriation per RSA 32:7, VI to continue until the money is used or December 31, 2019. Selectmen recommend. Budget Committee recommends.    Article Carried

Article Twenty. To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Three Thousand Dollars ($3,000.00) to engage Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission (CNHRPC) to assist the Planning Board, Board of Selectmen and Budget Committee in preparing the Capital Improvements Program (CIP) for the 2015 – 2020 budget years. This will be non lapsing per RSA 32:7,VI and will continue until the money is spent or December 31, 2019. Selectmen recommends. Budget Committee recommend.   Article Carried

Article Twenty One. To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Seventy Thousand Two Hundred Dollars ($70,200.00) to fund the following Capital Reserve Funds:

12/31/13 balance   2014 request

  1. Fire Department Heavy Equipment                         151,241.85             100.00

John Marden made a motion to amend the amount for Fire Department Heavy Equipment from $100 (One Hundred Dollars) to $59,900 (Fifty Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Dollars) increasing the sum to appropriate from $70,200 (Seventy Thousand Two Hundred Dollars) to $130,100 (One Hundred Thirty Thousand One Hundred Dollars) to fund the Capital Reserve Fund.

Motion Carried

  1. Ambulance                                                              70,472.68             100.00
  2. Revaluation                                                              20,646.96        10,000.00
  3. Highway Heavy Equipment                                      72,295.87        40,000.00
  4. Town Buildings emergency repair                             20,651.49          5,000.00
  5. Town Facilities                                                        23,454.14          5,000.00
  6. Main Street Improvements/sidewalks                       51,951.36        10,000.00

Selectmen recommend. Budget Committee recommends.          Article Carried

Article Twenty Two.. To see if the Town will vote to correct the wording on the 2013 warrant to lease a police cruiser and authorize the Selectmen to continue the current lease for the remaining three years and to raise and appropriate the sum of Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Dollars ($8,770.00) for the second year payment. This lease has a fiscal funding (escape clause). Selectmen recommend. Budget Committee recommends.         Article Carried

Article Twenty Three. To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate Two Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($2,750.00) to support the Bradford Newbury Sutton Youth Sports. Selectmen recommend. Budget Committee recommends.

Article Carried

Article Twenty Four. To see if the town will vote to adopt the provisions of RSA 72:61-64 inclusively, which provides for an optional property tax exemption from the property’s assessed value, for the property tax purposes, for persons owning real property, which is equipped with solar energy systems intended for the use of the resident at the immediate non commercial site. Such property tax exemption shall be in the amount equal to 100% of the Town’s assessed value for the qualifying solar energy system equipment and installation under these statutes.     Article Carried

Article Twenty Five. To see if the Town will vote to accept the reports of the Town Offices. To transact any other business that may legally come before the meeting.

A motion was made to close the meeting. Motion Carried

The meeting was closed at 1:20 on March 15, 2014.

Bradford Board of Selectmen

Harry Wright, Chairman

Delbert (Sonny) Harris, Selectman

John Pfeifle, Selectman

A true copy attest:

Official town warrant and minutes for the Election of March 11th and Meeting March 15th, 2014

Erica Gross, Town Clerk/Tax Collector