Town Election 2015

Town Elections March 10, 2015

To the inhabitants of the Town/City (Ward) of  Bradford, in the County of Merrimack, New Hampshire.

You are hereby notified to meet at Kearsarge Regional Elementary School, 163 Old Warner Road, Bradford, on Tuesday, the Tenth day of March, 2015. The polls will be open between the hours of

8:00 am and 7:00 pm  to act upon the following subjects:

Selectman (3 yrs) – one opening

Sonny Harris

Marlene Freyler

Town Clerk/Tax Collector (3 yrs) – one opening

Erica Gross

Beth Downs

Town Treasurer (3 yrs) – one opening

Marilyn Gordon

Supervisor of the Checklist (1 yr) – one opening

Sandy Paul

Trustee of the Trust Fund (3 yrs) – one opening

Tim Rodd

Trustee of the Brown Memorial Library (3 yrs) – two openings

Sandy Wadlington

Mary Chris Duncan

Scholarship Committee (3 yrs) – one opening

Beth Rodd

Budget Committee (3 yrs) – two openings

Kathy Rogers

Beth Downs

Christopher W. Mock

Budget Committee (2 yrs) – one opening

G. Richard Keller

Planning Board (3 yrs) – two openings

Jim Bibbo

Zoning Board (3 yrs) – one opening

Denise T. Renk

Cemetery Commission (3 yrs) – two openings

Diane M. Whalley

Jane M. Lucas