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Department/Committee Contact(s) Position/Term Phone
Selectmen’s Office Karen Hambleton Town Administrator 603-938-5900
John D. Pfeifle Chair/Selectman (Term ends 2020) 603-938-5900
Sonny Harris Selectman (Term ends 2018) 603-938-5900
Jim Bibbo Selectman (Term ends 2019) 603-938-5900
Maureen Brandon Finance 603-938-5900
Building Department Walter Royal Building Inspector 603-938-5900
Bruce Edwards Health Officer 603-938-5900
Cheryl Frey Overseer of the Public Welfare 603-938-5900
Town Clerk/Tax Collector

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Melissa Cloutier Town Clerk/Tax Collector (Term ends 2018)  603-938-2288
Amelia Dohrn Deputy Town Clerk/Tax Collector  603-938-2288
Town Treasurer Marilyn Gordon Treasurer (Term ends 2018)
Cheryl Behr Deputy Treasurer
Transfer Station Lois Kilnapp Manager 603-938-2526
Highway Department Barry Wheeler Road Agent 603-938-5916
Highway Road Committee Chris Aiken
Police Department James Valiquet Police Chief 911/603-938-2522
Edward Shaughnessey Detective 911/603-938-2522
Neil Flanagan
Kevin Faria
Full Time Officers 911/603-938-2522
Emergency Management Bruce Edwards Coordinator 938-5667
Fire Department Mark Goldberg Chief 911/603-938-2496
Rescue Squad Carl Goldberg Captain 911/603-938-2231
Town Moderator Brackett Scheffy Moderator (term ends 2018) 603-938-5900
Fred Hubley Assistant Moderator 603-938-5900
Trustees of the Trust Funds Michael James

Doug Troy

Harry Wright

(term ends 2020)

(term ends 2018)

(term ends 2019)

Budget Committee Beth Downs Chairman (term ends 2020)
Planning Board Erich Caron Chairman (term ends 2019) 603-938-5900
Molly Hopkins Secretary 603-938-5900
ZBA Brooks McCandlish Chairman (term ends 2019)
Supervisors of the Checklist Jacklyn Pehrson (term ends 2020) 603-938-5900
Judy Marshall (term ends 2018) 603-938-5900
Sandy Paul (term ends 2022) 603-938-5900
Political Committees Steven Pierce Republican
Eileen Kelly, Beth Rodd Democrat
Conservation Commission Ann Eldridge Chairperson
Gene Schmidt Honorary Member
Cemetery Commission Jane M. Lucas (term ends 2019)
Diane Whalley (term ends 2018)
Carey Rodd (term ends 2020)
Historic District Dick Keller, Perry Teele, George Cilley
Scholarship Committee Mary Keegan Dayton (term ends 2020) 603-938-5900
Kathleen Bigford (term ends 2019)
Beth Rodd (term ends 2018)
Brown Memorial Library Margaret Fearnley Librarian 603-938-5562
Trustees/Brown Memorial Library Patricia Furness (term ends 2020)
Bradford Area Community Center Jim Valiquet Acting Coordinator 603-938-6228
Bradford Area Community Center Governance Board Margaret Raymond and Debbie Flinkstrom Parks & Recreation 603-938-5900
Dawn Rich Vice Chair
Ona Ruchti Senior Representative
Karen Hambleton Secretary
Jim Valiquet Public Relations
Bruce Edwards
Bradford Area Senior Center Phil Stockwell Program Manager 603-938-2104
Parks and Recreation Debbie Flinkstrom Chairperson
Margaret Raymond Secretary
Independence Day Committee Claire James
Leah Hurst
Revolving Loan Committee Laura Hallahan, Peter M. Fenton Members
Stephen Heavener CRDC Representative
KRES Bradford Jim Spadaro Principal 603-938-5959
Andrew Pinard School Board Representative, Bradford 603-938-5157
United States Post Office Postmaster 603-938-2125
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