Annual Reports

Below please find links to downloadable PDF files of the Annual Reports going back to 1867 (1888-2013 are complete with some gaps as noted below). All are searchable facsimiles of the official documents. Please right-click over the link and select “Save Link As…” or “Save file as…” and save to your hard drive for reference.

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On the subject of Town Reports (from Two hundred plus: Bradford, New Hampshire in retrospect; 1771-1976):

Town Reports

The first mention of a town report in the town clerk’s records was noted on March 10, 1840: “Voted that all receipts and expenditures of the Selectmen and Town Treasurer be caused by the Auditor to be printed and that there be 320 copies of the same for the use of the town.”

Again in 1846 a resolution was introduced by Moses Wadley: “To vote 200 copies, as a report, showing expenditures and disbursements be printed by the Auditing Committee for the an­nual meeting in March, 1847.” It was voted to lay the resolution on the table.

Finally on March 12, 1867: “Voted a report be printed for the ensuing year for every voter, with reports of all committees and resident and non­resident taxes.” From that time to the present day these reports have been printed yearly. A complete set has been collected and is on file.


I have scanned all the pre-digital age Annual Reports I could locate, run them through Optical Character Recognition software, organized them by decade and posted them as PDF files to the website. Thanks to the Office of the Select Board, Cheryl Behr, the Brown Memorial Library and most recently George Cilley for supplying a number of reports that were previously unavailable.–Andrew Pinard, 09.25.14

Currently available are complete volumes (by decade) from 1890 through the current year.

There is a grand total of 138 years currently available…

Here is a list of the reports I have uploaded that are part of incomplete volumes:

  • 1860s: 1867-1869 (Missing 1860-1866, although these may not exist, according to the quote above)
  • 1870s: 1870-1871, 1876-1877, 1879;  still missing 1872-1875 & 1878
  • 1880s: 1880-1881, 1884-1885, 1888-1889; still missing 1882-1883, 1886-1887

Any help with obtaining the remaining gaps would be greatly appreciated. Only nine more reports needed to complete the set back to 1867.