Transfer Station

Manager: Lois Kilnapp
Part-time Attendee: Ken Anderson

Transfer station hours: Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays; 10:00am to 5:00pm

Transfer Station Recycling Flyer


Section 1. Definitions

A. Waste Materials

a. Glass shall mean all empty glass containers reasonably clean glass products.
b. Ceramics shall mean all dishes, bathroom fixtures and other items made from kiln fired clay
c. Scrap metal shall mean recyclable steel, aluminum, copper, brass zinc and lead
d. household trash shall mean garbage and all other waste material not being recycled and small enough to be disposed of in a compactor.
e. Prohibited waste shall mean all materials-hazardous, or otherwise, that may not be disposed of at the transfer/recycling station
f. Brush shall mean tree cuttings, slash and waste tree wood not larger than 5” in diameter.
g. Combustible building waste shall mean clean wood building construction or demolition waste. This definition specifically excludes shingles, tar paper, cardboard, upholstered furniture, mattresses, sheet rock, rubber, insulation, plastics or any other non wood product.
h. Organic waste shall mean leaves. pine needles, shrubbery clippings, and other decomposable waste.
i. Recyclable waste shall mean any waste material that can be separated and returned to the market place and for which designated areas are provided, including glass, scrap metal newspapers, waste oil, clothing and plastic containers.

B. Illegal disposal shall mean

1. Disposal of waste other than in designated areas within the station
2. Disposal of waste outside the gates or its surrounding areas when the station is closed.
3. Disposal of prohibited waste

C. All other terms as defined by RSA 149 and rules adopted there under

Section 2. Operating Hours

A. Shall be Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday – 10:00am to 5:00pm.
B. Winter hours will be posted if necessary
C. The station will be closed Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Section 3. Authorized Users

A. Bradford Residents
B. Bradford Non Resident – Property Owners
C. Non Resident contractors, disposing of brush, building, janitorial or demolition waste for authorized resident or non resident users.

Section 4. Admittance

A. All authorized users will be allowed access to the station during posted hours by permit only
B. Permanent permits will be issued to residents and non-resident property owner
C. Temporary permits will be issued by the Selectmen’s Office to non-resident contractors
D. Persons renting property on a short term or seasonal basis to vactioners will be issued permits at the request of the owner. These permits will be posted on placards identifying the owner and property. Bona fide guests will be admitted to the facility upon presentation of said permit.

Section 5. Separating trash

A. This ordinance requires that all waste material deemed recyclable be separated and placed in containers or areas designated by the attendant

Section 6. Burning

A. The only materials that may be burned are brush and clean combustible building waste. All burning will be in accordance with NH. Air Resources Commission, under the direction of the district Fire Warden.

Section 7. Legal Disposal

A. Authorized users may dispose of waste materials other than items prohibited providing they place materials in containers or areas designated by signs or by direction of the attendant.

Section 8.

A. Disposal of hazardous materials (as defined by the state and federal regulations), brush or trees larger than 5” in diameter, boulders, stumps, sewage, dead animals, explosive materials, ashes or junk cars is prohibited. Household trash mixed with materials this ordinance requires to be recycled shall be refused.

Section 9.

A. The transfer/recycling attendant or his designee is hereby authorized to enforce provisions of this ordinance, including authority to prohibit access to the transfer station, to inspect all waste materials in the transfer station and to report all violations to the selectmen.

B. The selectmen may assess the following penalties for each violation of Section 1. B. or the ordinance (Illegal Disposal) upon written report of the attendant ro his designee:

a. First offense – written warning
b. Second offense – $15.00 fine for each violation
c. Third Offense – $50.00 fine for each violation
d. Fourth and subsequent Offenses – $100.00 for each violation

All funds collected under this section will be placed in the general fund.

C. The selectmen may access a penalty of $100.00 dollars against any person who enters the transfer station during non operating hours.
D. In addition to the penalties authorized in Section 9 paragraph A. persons depositing hot ashes in any container or in anyway so as to cause a fire shall be liable for damages and costs to the town.

Section 10

A. All waste material deposited at the transfer/recycling station becomes town property. All revenues from the sale of any reclaimed waste are the town of Bradford Revenues and become part of the general fund.

Section 11

A. This ordinance is not meant to precluded posted fees for disposal of individual items.

This ordinance was approved by the March 2006 Town Meeting. This established mandatory recycling for the Town of Bradford.