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ROADS Ordinance Regulating Parking on Public Highways in the Town of Bradford Parking on Public Ways During Snow Storms Parking Ordinance Penalty and Validity SOP Snow Removal and Ice Control EFF: 12.01.09 Standard Operating Procedure: Inclement Weather Conditions Ordinance for Closing Class VI Highways CLASS VI ROAD POLICY Standards and Specifications for Upgrade of Existing Class VI Roads to Class V Limited Weight Roads Trench Permit And Licensing Requirements Road Boundary Agreement between Warner & Bradford LOGGING Timber Cutting Ordinance Ordinance Concerning Hauling and Timber Harvesting on Class VI Highways WETLANDS/FLOODPLAINS Wetlands Protection Ordinance Wetlands Protection Ordinance FLOODPLAIN DEVELOPMENT ORDINANCE PUBLIC SAFETY Building Code Ordinance Skateboarding on Public Highways and Town Property Jumping from Bridges or Similar Structures into Bodies…
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SOP Snow Removal and Ice Control EFF: 12.01.09

SOP Snow Removal and Ice Control EFF: 12.01.09 Standard Operating Procedures Bradford, New Hampshire Date: November 30,2009 Policy: Snow Removal and Ice Control Governing Laws: RSA 231:92-a, RSA 507-B:2-b (include any local parking bans or local ordinances) Approval Date: Next Review Date: (recommend reviewing every couple of years) OBJECTIVE: It is the goal and intent of the Town of Bradford, NH, to provide timely, efficient and cost-effective winter maintenance, snow removal and ice control on the roadways of the municipality for the safety and benefit of the Town’s residents and the general motoring public. PROCEDURE: The objective stated above will be achieved by implementation and execution of the procedures and tasks outlined in the Town of Bradford Winter Operations Snow Removal and…
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Wetlands Protection Ordinance

WETLANDS PROTECTION ORDINANCE I• Purpose and Intent The purpose of this article is to protect the public health, safety and general welfare by controlling and guiding the use of land areas which have been found to be saturated or subjected to high water tables for extended periods of time — including established and seasonal wetlands. It is intended that this article shall: 1. Prevent the development of structures and land uses on naturally occurring wetlands which will contribute to pollution of surface and ground water by sewage or toxic substances or sedimentation; 2. Prevent the destruction of, or significant changes to natural wetlands which provide flood protection, provide filtration of water flowing into ponds and streams, augment stream flow during…
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Trench Permit And Licensing Requirements

TRENCH PERMIT AND LICENSING REQUIREMENTS PERMIT #:________________ DATE:____________ A. TRENCH PERMIT 1. In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 236, Section 9-12, of the NH Revised Statutes Annotated and amendments thereto, permission is requested to disturb the Main Street in the Town of Bradford for the purpose of connecting the water discharge line to the Department of Transportation catch basin at Main Street and Route 103. 2. I/We,_____________________________________________________(name and address), agree to conform to the following provisions, instructions and regulations in processing the work under this request and to any additional instructions issued by the Road Agent or his representative, during the process of the work. 3. In areas where the pavement is to be excavated it shall be neatly…
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Ordinance Concerning Hauling and Timber Harvesting on Class VI Highways

Ordinance Concerning Hauling and Timber Harvesting on Class VI Highways 1. Class VI Highways shall be left in at least as good condition upon completion of hauling or timber harvesting operations as they were before operations commenced 2. Water control structures (ditching, broad based dips, waterbars, etc.) adequate to prevent storm water from running down or collecting in roadways, shall be installed along all portions ofClass VI Highwayused for hauling or timber harvesting. 3. All improvements to road surfaces of Class VI Highways shall be designed and constructed for permanent service. Temporary culverts shall be removed upon completion of operations and replaced with waterbars or broad based dips designed to handle 100-year-storm flows. Permanent culverts and stream crossings shall be…
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Timber Cutting Ordinance

TIMBER CUTTING ORDINANCE I. PURPOSE: The purpose of this ordinance is to establish uniform submission of material by owners, loggers or harvesters of forest products when filing a “Notice of Intent to Cut”. II. JURISDICTION All lands devoted to forest growth owned or administered by-private person(s), corporations), or organization(s) or by any federal, state, county, municipal or other public agency. III. REGULATIONS: 1. Pursuant to RSA 79:10 a “Notice of Intent to Cut” signed by the Owner shall be filed with the Town of Bradford prior to the operation commencing. No Intent to Cut form application shall be accepted without maps. 2. A separate “Notice of Intent to Cut” shall be filed for each parcel intended to be cut unless…
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Jumping from Bridges or Similar Structures into Bodies of Water

ORDINANCE PROHIBITING JUMPING FROM BRIDGES OR SIMILAR STRUCTURES INTO BODIES OF WATER PURPOSE: It is the intent of the Board of Selectmen for the Town of Bradford to restrict the use of public bridges or similar structures over bodies of water from being used in such a manner to cause a public nuisance or otherwise may require the response of emergency personnel. Section I: It shall be unlawful for any person to jump, dive or swing from any bridge or similar structure located on any Class IV,V or VI highways, streets or roadways into a body of water. Section II: Any person who violates this ordinance may be subject to a fine.

Purchase Order/Contract Policy

PURCHASE ORDER/CONTRACT POLICY 1. Any purchase(s) over $500.00 will require a purchase order and the approval of at least two (2) selectmen prior to any purchase and/or order. (Amendment approved 4/26/93). 2. Items valued over $1,000.00 will first require prior approval from at least two (2) selectmen. In an emergency, this may be done by telephone. This will also include all subcontract work. 3. Items valued over $1500.00 must have at least three (3) bids or quotes from three separate companies and presented to the Board of Selectmen. The bids shall then be reviewed by the respective department head and the selectmen for a final decision before being expended. (This does not pertain to emergency situations). In an emergency, refer…
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Road Boundary Agreement between Warner & Bradford

AGREEMENT Memorandum of Agreement between Warner and Bradford Selectmen based on tour of roads where boundaries of the two towns meet and/or intersect. A meeting of the parties was held on August 14, 1994 and the following were present, from the Town of Warner: J.D. Colcord, Selectman and Allan Brown, Road Agent; Town of Bradford: David Pickman, John Signorino, Marcia Keller, Selectmen; and Arnold Anderson, Road Agent. The following roads were agreed upon, as follows: 1. Bagley Hill Road-lies within the Town of Warner’s boundary. 2.Bible Hill Road-the paved portion is partially in Warner, and partially in Bradford, The unpaved portion lies in Bradford and is Class VI. Residences along the road are divided be­tween Bradford and Warner. Warner assumes…
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Parking Ordinance Penalty and Validity

PARKING ORDINANCE PENALTY AND VALIDITY A. Any person violating the Town of Bradford parking regulations, and receiving a parking ticket citing said violation as issued by authorized police officials may waive their right to appear in Henniker District Court upon payment of the fine. If said parking ticket is not paid within seven (7) days inclusive of the date of issuance, the fine shall be thirty dollars ($30.00). If not paid within fourteen (14) calendar days inclusive of the date of issuance, the fine shall be fifty dollars ($50.00). Any person who receives three (3) parking violations within one (1) calendar year may be fined thirty dollars ($30.00) for each subsequent violation. All fines to be paid to the Town…
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