Fire & Rescue

Forest Fire Warden

Steve Hansen
Contact 603-938-2634 for campfires and burning permits.

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Fire Department Officers

Chief – Mark Goldberg
1st Deputy Chief – Preston Starr
2nd Deputy Chief – Alan Brown
Captain – James Raymond
Lieutenant – Steve Hansen
Lieutenant – Chris Aiken
Lieutenant – Rob Steiz
Secretary- Rob Steiz
Treasurer- Chris Frey

Bradford Fire Department Members

Aiken, Chris
Brown, Alan
Brown, Elliot
Brown, Laurie

Boucher, Chris
Camire, David
Camire, David II
Dion, Gary
Edwards, Bruce
Fillebrown, Tom
Frey, Chris
Goldberg, Carl
Goldberg, Mark
Goldberg, Patricia
Goodale, Charles
Hansen, Steve
Humphrey, Jen
Moore, Richard
Moore, Sheila

Muzzey, Cody
Ordway, Matthew
Pitts, Thomas

Rand, Charles
Raymond, James
Raymond, Robert
Shaughnessy, Ed
Snyder, Steve
Starr, Felicia
Starr, Preston
Steiz, Melanie

Rescue Squad Officers

(Elected within the department)

Captain –┬áLaurie Brown
Lieutenant – John Callaghan
Training Officer – Carl Goldberg
Supplies – Bruce Edwards

Rescue Squad Members

Bowie, Bruce
Brown, Abigail
Brown, Al
Brown, Eliott
Brown, Laurie
Callaghan, John
Callaghan, Lorrie
Edwards, Bruce
Goldberg, Carl
Goldberg, Mark
Humphrey, Jennifer
Johnson, Chuck
McHugh, Mike
Ripberger, Mike
Starr, Preston
Steiz, Melanie
Steiz, Rob
Turco, Michelle