Town Hall Restoration Oversight Committee Minutes 10.10.17

Town Hall Restoration Oversight Committee Minutes of 10/10/17

Meeting called to order by Brackett Scheffy, Moderator, at 5:32pm.

Committee members present were Harry Wright, Brackett Scheffy, Jason Allen, Marcia Keller, Jim Bibbo, Michele Halsted, and Will Kranz.

The minutes of the September 13 meeting were approved.

The actions taken since the last meeting were discussed:

  1. BOS hired Trumbull-Nelson (T-N) as GC
  2. 9/21 – working meeting at TH. Good discussion of next steps, players introduced to each other and LCHIP.
  3. 10/2 – begin excavation to meet OSHA standards, prep and pour remaining portion of basement walls, new fence, etc.
  4. 10/6 – meeting on site with architect, fire chief, state fire marshal, town building inspector, to discuss location of fire pump and cisterns.

The new basement plan with revised fire pump room location was reviewed.

The need for a Clerk of the Works was discussed at length.  Opinions ranged from not needed at all (with the Field Superintendent from T-N on site), to absolutely necessary, (perhaps the town building inspector, or a separate hire).  It was agreed that the Clerk would not be needed until the project was further along.

A motion was made to the subject:  “The THROC highly recommends to the BOS that a Clerk of the Works be employed when appropriate on the project.”

Motion passed, 5 yes, 1 no, 1 abstain.

A long discussion ensued with regard to next appropriate steps on the project and a position the THROC should take for recommendation to the BOS.  All agreed that the building should be lowered, backfilled, etc. and made ready for the winter.

Next action opinions ranged from:

  • Continue the structural work, carpentry, etc. until available funds were depleted.
  • Do nothing else until the situation could be discussed with the public, either in public hearings or Town Meeting or both.
  • Wait for the building to be lowered and evaluate available funds at that time (some of the projected structural work will be done as part of lowering the building).

A motion was crafted, discussed, and edited. It became unwieldy enough that the committee chose not to formalize it but return to the discussion at the next meeting when more information will be available.

Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, 11/1/17, BACC, 5:30pm.

Meeting adjourned at 6:52 pm.