Zoning Board Minutes 09.06.17

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by Brooks McCandlish, Chair.


Members Present:

Brooks McCandlish, Chair; Denise Renk; Nathanial Bruss, Stephen Pierce; Bill Duffy

Members Absent:

Bob Hodges, Alternate


Review and Consideration of Minutes

Minutes of August 16th were approved with the change of putting Bill Duffy as recused


Receipt of Application:

  1. Michele and David Halsted: Application for Appeal of Planning Boards Decision regarding Kraken Ammunition. Brooks recused himself as he is an abutter. Board reviewed the letter from Amy Manzelli, Esq who is representing the Halsteds and she asked the Board to be on the agenda for the Octover meeting. The Boards secretary gave Michele a copy of the application for Kraken Ammunition so she could share that with her attorney. Motion to discuss this application at the October meeting, seconded, vote 4-0.
  2. Special Exception and two Variances, Property of Theodore and Susan Chumas, 82 East Shore Drive, Tax Map20/Lot27: Board reviewed all applications and determined that they were all complete. According to Eric Buck, Contractor, the project consists of removing an existing non-confirming structure (house and attached deck) and building a new non-conforming structure (house and attached deck). The proposal is to move the house further back from the Lake to minimize potential impacts to the lake. The current house is not up to current building codes, so the necessity of a new house is critical. Also a part of the proposed work will occur the installation of an attached deck, revegetation planting, permeable pavers, a rain garden, natural stone steps and a natural stone walkway for lake access. The Board listened to Eric’s presentation and made a motion to have a site walk on September 11th at 4:00 and also to hold a public hearing on October 4th at 7:00pm at the Bradford Community Center., seconded, vote 4-0
  3. Dunne regarding sub-division at 206 Bible Hill Rd: Tom would like to subdivide his property on a class six rd. Brooks read directly from the Zoning Ordinance and stated that Bradford doesn’t allow subdivisions on class 6 roads. Brooks explained to Tom that he would have to fill out an application for a Variance, the Board secretary gave Tom an application for a Variance and the process was explained to Tom. Tom stated he will complete the application and will submit it to the Board.

Other Business:

Nathanial mentioned how appreciative he was of how Brooks handled the last Public Hearing that was held by presenting the Baord with an approved motion as well as a declined motion. Nathanial stated this made the process a lot faster and smoother.


As there was no additional business to come before the board, meeting adjourned at 8:21 PM.