Cemetery Minutes 03.09.17


Members present :Trustees: Jane Lucas and Diane Whalley. Also present was Jim Lord, Custodian.

The minutes of November 10 ,2017 were read and accepted by J. Lucas and D. Whalley.



Diane reported that the selectmen and the budget committee questioned the need for a warrant for the headstone repairs that are necessary. Michael James and Harry Wright ,Trustees of the Trust Funds were present and assured the cemetery committee that there are funds to adequately cover the cost of needed repairs. The warrant was withdrawn.

Jane will contact Dickie Moore ,former maintenance/custodian of the cemeteries for over 30 years , to see if he knows anything about the broken headstones found behind the town park last Fall.

Jim will redo the signs for the “take in and carry out” and the “please pick up after your dog” signs on to one post .

Plans were made for a section of grounds at Sunny Plains to be refurbished. The area will be treated for grubs ,limed and seeded.

Once again we will look for community resources to help with headstone cleaning. Diane will contact KRHS and the Bradford School as well as put an appeal in the Bridge



The committee will meet at Sunny Plains and plot an area specifically for new lots for just cremations.


Draft until approved