Conservation Commission Minutes 10.15.10

Conservation Commission Minutes
October 15, 2010
Meeting called to order 7:15pm
Present: Nathanial Bruss, Brooks McCandlish, Meg Fearnley, Carol Meise
No minutes from last meeting as Secretary Ann Eldridge was absent, and
no quorum at September meeting.
Treasurer Report: Requested more information from Chery on Current Use
Change Penalty Tax check. Which properties were taxed and for what
year? Meg will give another copy of the Budget to the Budget
On Bog Repair day Nathaniel and crew with Rick Helprin and students
from NFI-North repaired the boardwalk and stairs in the Bradford Bog.
No update on Coirsar Gravel pit
ASLPT annual meeting Oct 28 to be attended by Nathaniel
Chris Martin is coming on November 12 to present a free program about
Bald Eagles, funds for this will also come from the Library.
Motion made by Brooks McCandlish to pay for a new appraisal of Battles
farm for the LCHIP grant at such a time as it needs to be done. Monies
not to exceed 2500.00 dollars.
Brooks will be in contact with the Natural Resource Subcommittee of
the Planning Board to discuss potential zoning changes.

Meeting adjourned 8:15pm

Submitted by CJM